Good morning!  It’s time to chat over coffee…and ponder the New Year ahead.  Check in over at Bookishly Boisterous to connect with others.

For the past year, I have focused occasionally on my One Word, that inspirational “token” that keeps me grounded.  For 2017, it was HOPE…

  • My book progress this week was minimal, once I finished the first one:  Dead of Winter, by Wendy Corsi Staub (click for review).
  • Currently reading my second book, a NetGalley ARC:  The Girls in the Picture, by Melanie Benjamin.  The story follows the lives of two women in Old Hollywood:  Frances Marion and Mary Pickford.  The pages are turning slowly, as I find myself easily distracted.
  • I have noticed that mysteries and thrillers keep me moving along, while other genres may or may not capture me fully.
  • Coming up this weekend:  First Book of the Year, hosted by Sheila, at Book Journey.  On January 1, my selection will appear on that blog, and also here.
  • Check out my First Books of the Year page, which features books from 2014 and forward.
  • Now that Aubrey’s Prague semester is almost over, she occasionally takes time to kick back in PJs with her roommate.

  • New Year’s Eve:  before the big Take Down of the decorations, I plan to eat popcorn and watch movies…and at midnight, have some Champagne with Dick Clark’s Rockin Eve 2018…

  • Why was it fun to bring out the Christmas decorations…but now that the holiday is over, procrastination rears its head whenever I think about packing them away in the bins?


Here’s to a Happy New Year…and Peace on Earth…





  1. I hate taking down the decorations, it feels like work!! The new year is a time for reflection and setting of words and goals. Enjoy the popcorn and movies on New Year’s Eve and see you on the 1st book rounds.

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  2. De-Christmasing is definitely less fun than bringing it all out at the start of the season. I’ll put it away a little at a time. I can’t make it to (my local time) midnight on NYE anymore so I celebrate throughout the day as each area of the world rings in the new year. If I’m off my cold meds I’ll do a proper toast (or two) 😉

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    • Thanks, Mary, and sometimes I take a nap in the evening and set the alarm…just so I can watch the ball drop. Ridiculous, right?

      I definitely dislike putting all the decorations away. But one thing at a time sounds like a plan.


  3. You are so nicely organized! I always am in awe of the way you manage your many many blogs!

    Unfortunately our Christmas stuff will linger on for most of next week…until Den and I both get a yearning for clean Christmas free areas again. But knowing me I will put that off for a while!

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  4. That is why I don’t put too many decorations out. 🙂

    I never did choose a word last year…just couldn’t think of one. Probably won’t get one for this year either.

    I didn’t think I would be interested in The Girls in The Picture even though I loved her first book.

    I have to put on more layers…it is 2 degrees here, and I am going out.

    BRRRR…have a great day, Laurel.

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    • Did you end up reading The Girls in the Picture? I finished it last night late…and strangely, I enjoyed it more toward the end. The beginning plodded along too much for me, so I kept setting it down and doing other things.

      Thanks for visiting, Elizabeth, and I do less Christmas every year…which makes the putting away easier. But it is still a chore!

      I felt really cold last night…I don’t know what the temp was, but I had to use layers. I’m sure it wasn’t 2 degrees here, though. This morning, it is 37 degrees…so definitely no competition for your really low temperature! Stay warm!


    • Thanks for visiting, Nise, and I WISH I had already put mine away! Today is the day, though, and luckily, it shouldn’t take long, as I didn’t bring out everything. Every year I bring out less…lol.

      Yesterday I was reading my First Book…and read it until the ball dropped and I had a glass of Champagne…and then read some more. Enjoying it!


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