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I had a good week of reading, viewing, and visiting blogs.  I read and reviewed three books, wrote  seven posts, and skipped around between Hulu and Amazon Prime for some movies.  Like Apple Tree Yard, based on a book I read a few years ago.  And We Were the Mulvaneys, based on a Joyce Carol Oates book.  I’ve watched it before, but I am in the mood for revisiting old favorites.

On Hulu, I’m up to date on Mrs. America, which definitely reminds me of the 70s and the ERA bracelets we once wore.  We all hated Phyllis Schlafly, lol.

My mug collection is growing.  Here are a few on my desk.  You might also notice my little VW bug paperweight:

Yes, I am a little OCD.

So…let’s grab some more coffee (here’s a favorite photo of another collectible mug, one that, sadly, didn’t make the move!) and take a closer look at the week.


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Coffee Chat:  Reading, Blogging, Etc.

Bookish Friday:  “The New Husband”

Review:  Mrs., by Caitlin MacyReview:  Something She’s Not Telling Us, by Darcey BellReview:  Redhead by the Side of the Road, by Anne Tyler



Empty mailbox!  But I downloaded three e-books.

Little Secrets, by Jennifer Hillier

Truths I Never Told You, by Kelly Rimmer

Pretty Things, by Janelle Brown



The New Girl, by Harriet Walker – A NetGalley ARC for a 5/19 book release…

“This debut thriller reads like The Devil Wears Prada meets Single White Female. I couldn’t put it down.”—Catherine Steadman, author of Something in the Water and Mr. Nobody

She’s borrowed your life. But what if she decides to keep it?


That was my week, and overall, it was a good one.  As long as we forget the fact that we are living in scary times.  But we only have to take one day at a time…and read!  And watch movies and shows.  I did enjoy this lunch the other day:  turkey, stuffing, and strawberry/rhubarb pie.



  1. I didn’t know there is a film version of We Were the Mulvaneys. I’ll have to look for it. I think I read it when Oprah made it part of her book club – many years ago.
    One day at a time is a good mind set – that’s what I’m going with! Have a good week!

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    1. Thanks for visiting, Mary, I found it on the Lifetime Movie Channel (part of Amazon Prime). Enjoy! Blythe Danner plays the mother.

      Yes, it is sometimes necessary to go an hour at a time, but once we’re lost in a book or a movie, there goes the day!

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  2. I wish we could get Hulu here, there have a few shows I’d like to watch.
    I did watch Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist on the weekend which I enjoyed much more than I expected.

    I am sure you will love The Truths I Never Told You.

    Wishing you a great reading week

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  3. Literary Feline

    I am glad you had a productive week, Laurel-Rain. Our Roku was acting up this past week and so we haven’t been watching much. You would think I would use that time to read, but no. Oh well. I am still struggling to focus on my reading. I haven’t been trying as much lately, figuring maybe giving myself a break would help. All your new books look good. I don’t know which I would want to read more. I hope you are enjoying The New Girl. I hope you enjoy your weekend and the week ahead! Take care.

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  4. Yes for sure one day at a time. The more I hear about this virus I think the best thing to do is be at home and keep our distance. It’s what I will be doing for awhile. All the best with the coming week.

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    1. Thanks, Kathryn, I do best if I don’t project into the future and what “normal” might look like. Not very productive!

      Enjoy your books and keeping your distance. I read that in your country, things are going well. Kudos to your leader.

      Stay safe and well.

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      1. Thanks Laurel-Rain. I think our Prime Minister has done a great job, although you wouldn’t believe the trolls who say nasty things. I was just listening to Michelle Obama and her saying if you really want to believe and achieve you have to tune out those kind of people and be strong and go for what you know is right.

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      2. I do love listening to Michelle Obama, especially when she says things like “when they go low, we go high.”

        There are always going to be naysayers….tuning them out is probably the way to go.


  5. Phyllis Schlafly lol. that made me laugh. 🙂

    Ooh Little secrets looks good! i like mysterious covers like that. always sets a nice tone. And sounds like you had a pretty good week! Hope the new one is good as well. and stay well!

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    1. Thanks for visiting, Tressa, and some weeks are definitely more productive than others. When I started reading The New Girl, it took a couple of chapters before I really sank into it, but now I’m moving along and really loving it.

      Enjoy your week, and stay safe and well.


  6. Gayathri Lakshminarayanan

    That is a big collection of mugs. Definitely too many for me! But as long as they make you happy, all is good. And it definitely looks like a productive week!

    Stay safe and stay home!

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    1. Thanks, Gayathri, the mugs are mostly decorative, but I also use them to hold pens and post-it notes. I like the feeling of them around me, sort of like my books.

      I hope you stay safe and well, and enjoy your week.


  7. I’m happy to hear you’re safe and healthy, Laurel-Rain! I have read a lot this past week, but not watched hardly any tv or films. I was back to online teaching, though, so I spent a lot of time in front of a screen during the week.
    Have a wonderful week ahead, with fun shows and good books, and stay safe and healthy 🙂

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    1. Thanks for stopping by, Linda, and I am sure that isolation is much harder when you are trying to work. Good luck hanging in there, and find some time to enjoy your books and movies.

      Stay safe and well!


  8. It is brilliant to hear you a good week, even in these troubling times. What can’t good books, films and food make better?! 😊 I also had a good week, with glorious sunshine and time to read in the garden. I hope this coming week is good one for you too! 😃

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    1. Thanks, Jessica, reading in the garden sounds lovely! We do have a nice courtyard that is now blooming, but we are limited in our time out there. Sigh. We have scheduled times to enjoy being out of our apartments. It’s a good thing I like being secluded!

      Enjoy your week, and stay safe and well.

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  9. Lets do grab some more coffee. I’ve been loving the caribou coffee app i could be anywhere any it locates the nearest coffee shop and I just put in my order, pay and run in. Oh, it’s addictive and I’m not one for getting caught up in these return customer gimicks.

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    1. Thanks, Nai, I love that we have great online sites to enjoy! It’s a good thing, since a lot of TV shows are on hiatus. Even new online seasons had to take a break, but there are always others to take their place.

      Old movies are a great solution! Enjoy your week, and stay safe and well.


    1. Oh, glad to realize that others have their favorite OCD moments. Your funko pops are very cute. I also love collecting quirky dolls, but many of them have gone to the various garages of others, sigh.

      Thanks for visiting, Sophie, and stay safe and well.


  10. I’m so glad you enjoyed Redhead as much as I did. Anne Tyler will always be one of my favorites. I hear this may be her last book.

    Love your coffee cup collection. I have quite a collection, too.

    You seem so content during this pandemic. I am glad you are staying safe and well.

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    1. Thanks, Deb, I am only content when I remember to stay in the moment…and when plenty of good books, mugs, and other goodies are arriving regularly, lol.

      I am sad at the idea of Anne Tyler’s last book…but sooner or later, they all reach that point.

      I am planning to reread some of her earlier books, especially the ones I once had on my shelves but lost to the “great moving day” debacle.

      Stay safe and well.


  11. Glad you are keeping well – and I think you have exactly the right attitude. To take one day at a time, reading and and watching TV and movies is the way to go, I think:). I hope you have another quiet, peaceful week, Laurel:).

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  12. Definitely one day at a time 🙂 I’ve heard good things but haven’t watched Mrs. America yet. Thinking of adding it to the list of stuff hubs and I want to watch. Thanks for sharing!

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  13. Cheryl Malandrinos

    I haven’t watched anything much on TV during this whole thing. I catch some of the true crime shows when I crawl into bed with the husband or maybe a Restaurant Impossible or two when he is watching those, but I haven’t even kept up with the shows I recorded.

    Your new arrivals look good. Truths I Never Told You and Pretty Things should go on my wish list.

    Nothing like turkey and stuffing if you ask me. Probably my favorite meal. Hope you have a great week.


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    1. Thanks, Cheryl, during these difficult times, we have to find ways to self-nurture…and those ways can be with the help of books, favorite movies, or special moments at home.

      Enjoy your weekend and the upcoming week. Stay safe.


    1. Thanks, Erin, I have had a thing for VW bugs since the 70s. I had two of them, one after the other, and a bus at one point, which we would use to pile in the kids and head to the beach. Fun times.

      When I bought the paperweight, I got a second one for my daughter, which she still has.

      Reading is such a great way to deal with life…and I keep finding more viewing.

      My collections keep me feeling happy…LOL.

      Have a great week!


  14. You’ve been keeping busy! I love your take one day at a time attitude. That’s what I need to do. I, also, need to stay away from the news. LOL

    Great mug collection. Very nice. I really loved Truths I Never Told You. The other books on your list look really good too. Enjoy them.

    Have a great week! Take care and stay safe.

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  15. Kathy Martin

    You meal looks great. My brother and I were talking about pie the other day but it has too much saturated fat to fit into our current diets. Darn! Come see my week here. Happy reading!

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  16. Your lunch looks amazing! I like staying at home and have enjoyed the extra time to be around the house. Juggling work is a bit more challenging. Nice new downloads – I hope you enjoy them! Have a great week and stay safe!

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  17. Susan

    Hi Laurel, sounds like you’re hanging in there … and reading & TV series are helping. I’d like to check out Mrs. America …. Cate Blanchett as Phyllis Schlafly must be quite a thing. She was a terrible thorn in the movement’s side, good gosh. Lately we finished The Crown (Season 3), Homeland (Season 8) and The Capture (Season 1) …. so now we might move onto Bosch (Season 6) and Trapped (Season 3). These series are really helping our nights … and our escape of all things trump. Stay well.

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  18. lovely coffee mug collection. I used to have a PT Cruiser model I used as a paperweight. These days I would love to have a Prius one – love my Prius!
    One day at a time seems like a good plan. Plus reading and sometimes watching too.
    It looks like you are enjoying some good reading. I’m glad. And your turkey lunch looks pretty yummy.
    Enjoy your new books – lots of secrets going around. Happy Reading!

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