Welcome to another Coffee Chat.  The week is unfolding beautifully, with a great lunch with three of my grandchildren, and wonderful moments along the way. 

framed A-kids and Nana


  • I am trying to catch up on my reading, but it is slow going.  However, I am not going to allow my actions to ruin my good feelings about the week.  I am still reading Feels Like Falling,by Kristy Woodson Harvey.
  • Yesterday I downloaded a new Kindle book:  It’s One of Us, by J. T. Ellison.
  • I have been viewing a new show: All Rise, and it has captured my interest.


Today I hope to enjoy reading and viewing.  What does your week look like?



Welcome to another Coffee Chat.  A great week so far, beginning with reading, viewing, and a delicious dinner last night prepared by my granddaughter Fiona.  What’s better to love than being pampered?

  • After enjoying the dinner and time chatting with my granddaughter, I settled into my viewing of Desperate Housewives, which I am loving again.  I am now on Season Six of eight.
  • This week, I am reading Feels Like Falling, by Kristy Woodson Harvey.
  • Earlier in the week, I finished The House Guest, by Hank Phillippi Ryan.
  • Monday night, my granddaughter took me shopping and I ordered some much-needed items.  I love watching the mailbox for their arrival.  Yes, I could have ordered them online, but I like going into the store to take care of it.
  • Now I am ready to settle down with my reading and viewing of the day.


What has your week brought so far?




Welcome to another Coffee Chat.  It has been another quiet week as I recover from my eye infection.  My reading has been slow, and I have only read and reviewed five books for January!  So…I didn’t even do a monthly wrap-up.  I did read and review Spare, by Prince Harry, and now I am enjoying The Love of My Life, by Rosie Walsh.

  • I finished viewing The Practice and Murder in the First, and yesterday finished Season I of Damages, a show I enjoyed a few years ago.
  • Then I received a new book from Amazon:  The Light We Carry, by Michelle Obama.
  • I felt like cooking on Monday, and made some fish and chips.  I added some malt vinegar to spice things up.

framed fish and chips


What did your week look like?



Welcome to another Coffee Chat on a day that is not rainy.  Finally.  I was able to take out the garbage without sloshing through puddles.

  • My indoor activities are good, though, as I have plenty of books to read.  Earlier this week I read and reviewed Ms. Demeanor, by Elinor Lipman, which I really enjoyed.  And now I am reading Just the Nicest Couple, by Mary Kubica.
  • This week I also viewed a series from Netflix that I loved a while back:  Last Tango in Halifax.  Full of great characters and settings from the English countryside.
  • I have been playing around with my interiors to spotlight the return of my cute Mary Engelbreit cookie jar, replacing what I lost in 2019.  I actually only found part of the set on e-bay.  

framed ME


Here is a photo of the complete set from my previous residence:

framed rain years ago

I will keep searching for the other cookie jar.  E-bay is a great place to discover “lost” items.  What has your week brought to you?  Hopefully you are safe from storms.



Welcome to another Coffee Chat, in which I will share how my reading and viewing is going.  Meanwhile, it is raining outside, and the forecast reveals more storms ahead.  Sigh.  I have my garbage ready to go out, and I’ll try to wait for a slight diminishing of the rain to head out.  I am also expecting an e-bay order to arrive in the mail today, so that will need to be timed, too.  My lovely Engelbreit cookie jar is headed my way! Below, right, is the one I found and ordered.  I’ll keep looking for the other one.

  • Meanwhile, I am reading my First Book of the Year, A Good Neighborhood, by Therese Anne Fowler.  I am more than halfway finished.  Primarily because I am reading from the Kindle version, a decision I made after I realized how reading from print was hard on my eyes!  Have you ever done that?  Ordered a Kindle version of a hardcover print that you own?
  • Last night I also watched a movie on Hulu, an older one based on a Nicholas Sparks novel, The Best of Me.  I was sobbing by the end.  Those Sparks novels tend to do that.
  • Lately I stay up late, usually until 11:30 or so; I fall asleep better if I don’t go down too soon.  I still wake up at 6:30 a.m.
  • My No. 2 son is coming to visit us again, later in the month.  It has been great to enjoy more family time.  My Murphy bed is getting a good workout!


How is your first week of the year unfolding?



Welcome to another Coffee Chat, in which we savor the caffeine and chat about the upcoming week.  On New Year’s Eve, I hope to be sipping Champagne and writing my First Book of the Year post.

In the past few days, I have been viewing old favorite shows:  I just started Grace & Frankie, from the beginning, and as I watch, I realize that it launched in 2015 and it felt almost like seeing it anew.  I am a big fan of this show, and now I am excited to relive those moments.

  • I finished reading and reviewing Sister Dear, and now I am enjoying The Disinvited Guest.
  • Last weekend, my granddaughter came over, with her new boyfriend, to cook dinner.  We had fun!
  • On Monday, my daughter and one of her friends took me to lunch.  I had my favorite cocktail and a salmon entree. She had a martini and a salad.





My granddaughter and I searched e-bay and found an Engelbreit cookie jar that I love, one that I “lost” in the move of 2019.  I ordered it, and I’ll be getting it next week, the one on the right.  I haven’t yet found the other one.

me cookie jars




Welcome to our pre-Christmas Coffee Chat, in which we celebrate the upcoming festivities and the great good things of the past year.  Of course, New Year’s will bring more of those thoughts, too.

I am enjoying the anticipation of the holidays.  My granddaughter is coming over tomorrow night for a sleep over on the Murphy bed, and to cook some goodies for Christmas.  On Monday, I’ll be having lunch with my daughter.

  • Meanwhile, I continue to enjoy viewing favorite old shows, like Brothers and Sisters, which I always love, and which I haven’t watched for a few years.  I laugh, I cry, and feel connected to these characters.


  • I am currently reading one of my hardcover books, which has been languishing in my “reading cupboard” (green cupboard below), where I keep those print volumes.  Sister Dear, by Hannah Mary McKinnon has captured my attention.  I do love having print books, as I savor being surrounded by them.  But I must admit that reading on my Kindle is actually easier.

framed nov 19 living room

  • I am excited about the upcoming First Book of the Year event, the tenth year we have celebrated it, thanks to Sheila, at Book Journey.
  • I selected a book that I bought earlier, one of those hardcover books that has been languishing on my nightstand.  I actually bought it two years ago!  More on that book when the celebration begins.
  • Now it is time to get on with the day! 


What did your week look like?  Happy Holidays!



Welcome to another Coffee Chat, and now I am savoring a smoothly working Internet!  After the rain, I thought it was over for good…and then went to the AT&T app, where I chatted with a helper and got it back!  So much better when there is a way fix it, other than just hoping for its return.

  • I had forgotten about the app, but desperation brought it to me.  Imagine having something at my fingertips that could restore my favorite computer tool.
  • Monday I had coffee with a friend.  We returned to one of our favorite haunts, Barnes & Noble, and it was great to be surrounded by books while sipping coffee.
  • I am reading Where the Crawdads Sing, and I’m loving it so far.  I had seen and enjoyed the Netflix movie.
  • Last night, I watched some of my streaming shows on my TV, and I must admit that I love curling up on the couch to enjoy them.  I watched Still Alice again…and then I saw Tully for the first time.  I was quite caught up in both of these films:  one I had seen before, and the other one was new to me.



  • When I finally went to bed, I felt relaxed enough to fall asleep.  Many nights I toss and turn!


What has your week brought to you?



As I sipped my coffee this morning, I happily remembered the goodies of the past two days. Two Thanksgiving dinners! One on Wednesday night and the other on Thursday. I spent Wednesday night with my daughter’s in-laws and Thursday with old friends from years ago. I brought home leftovers, of course.

  • Before the Wednesday dinner, I went to my daughter’s salon for a hair styling:

framed lrs on nov 23 1

  • This week, I have read and reviewed one book so far: The Rewind, by Allison Winn Scotch.
  • Today I have done some cleaning, ordered groceries, and picked up Amazon purchases from my front steps.  Now I am watching a movie, my first “Christmas” one called The Noel Diary, starring Justin Hartley.  I loved him in This Is Us...and a soap opera a while back, too. A heart warming story that is pulling me in.  My first Christmas movie!

My favorite movies for the season are those that feature actors and actresses I have enjoyed…and the story has to be one that tugs at my heartstrings.

Now…I am sipping a glass of wine as I finish the movie.


What has your week brought you?



Welcome to another Coffee Chat, during which we share tidbits about the week and hopes for the future.  Some election results are good right now, although we have a ways to go.  I like how an issue prompted by a negative Supreme Court ruling has turned some things around.

Now….let’s take a look at what lies ahead in our bookish lives.  After switching between a couple of books, I have landed on She’s Gone, by David Bell, which I’m enjoying so far. 

Earlier in the week, I read and reviewed The Prisoner, by B. A. Paris, a captivating book.

We have had rain every day so far, which is okay, as we need it…but I waited all day to take out the trash, and then rushed out when the rain seemed to be slowing down.  Not fun!


When my eldest son was here, we set up some of my streaming services on my TV…but one was missing.  I searched around the settings and discovered that I could activate it via an app…and now I have Hulu on my TV, too!  Happily I watched some shows there yesterday.  My TV screen is bigger than my laptop, so I felt blissful.

It is fun to curl up on my couch, too, instead of my computer chair.  Although the chair is pretty comfortable, too.


What has your week brought you?  Enjoy!