As a writer, I sometimes look around and see all the minutiae, overlooking the big picture.

What are those Big Picture Goals?  How do I whittle through the individual trees and find the forest?

Sometimes I’m so lost amongst the trees and not seeing the forest that I develop a serious case of avoidance.  Procrastination, even.

That’s happening now in my reread of one of my WIPs.  I’ve reread, edited, tweaked, etc.; it’s been through some Beta reads.  All I have to do now is that pivotal read through that might just release this one from the purgatory of Unpublished Manuscript.

So what’s stopping me?  Why am I reluctant each day to open the document and read?

For one thing, one of the critiques revealed aspects of the writing that I hadn’t seen before…and I’m afraid that it crippled my self-confidence.  Overuse of words and phrases.  Killer aspects.

I’ve gone through and fixed some POV issues….and now I’m searching for those extraneous words and phrases that bog the writing down.

Details.  And they are important, but I mustn’t lose sight of the forest.  The Big Picture.

So off I go to whittle away at those little trees while keeping my eye on the forest.

What keeps you focused in your journey?  Any special motivational tools that help?  Come on by and share….


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