I Have “Miles to Go”





When I think of journeys, I often think of the Robert Frost poem.

That poem so informed my journey that it became the major theme in the first book I wrote.  While I didn’t publish Miles to Go until I had already brought out three other books, it was most symbolic of my life journey.

In the story, we follow two MCs who meet in college and stay connected for more than three decades—the point where the story ends.  Lindsay Malone and Gia Greenbaum will appear in some of my other stories, too, but as minor characters.

In MTG, their lives take them along very different paths at times, but they are like touchstones for one another.   When they met in college and found common ground in their radical causes, they had previous pathways that also informed their individual journeys.

Most of us find that our lives intersect with certain individuals at pivotal moments along the way.  Sometimes those intersections are brief and never happen again.  Or perhaps, like Lindsay and Gia, the intersections continue and the bonds strengthen with time.

In writing this story, I was able to reexamine some of my own life choices and make sense of events in my life.  In a way, this novel was like a catharsis for me.

If you are a writer, do you have a specific book that reveals your own journey?  Did you find that some events helped you define your journey?  If you are not a writer, is there a book you’ve read that resonates with you in just this way?