For a few days, I have been mulling over my One Word.  I have been revisiting my 2017 Word, HOPE, and recapturing some of my posts about it.


Then I saw that Sheila, at Book Journey, was celebrating her One Word.  So my pondering turned to action.  I had been looking around my home for something that might illustrate the word I chose.  The little figurine (below) sits atop a stack of books.  Books are my inspiration, and are also great ways to jump start my journey with my word for 2018. 

The bears holding hands; the words Love, Joy, Family & Friendship around the base; the sheltering tree above, which symbolizes Life, Protection, Growth, and Nurturing…

So…I have chosen as my Word: CONNECT.  As we join in our journey, hands held, we connect.  We nurture each other under that Tree of Life…and we are stronger through our connections to one another.

As bloggers, we luxuriate in the connections we make as we visit other sites, communicating and forming bonds with each other.  On Facebook and other social media, we extend those connections.  But I want to take it all a step further In Real Life, and move outside my comfort zone.  I want to participate more in the world around me.

My realization:  I need to extend myself more, move beyond what is comfortable and “normal.”  Find new ways to grow.  In doing so, I can expand my horizons and find joy and peace in my Exterior World, to complement my Interior Journey.


What One Word have you chosen, if any?  What has inspired you?


12 thoughts on “MY ONE WORD FOR 2018: SHOUTING IT OUT!

  1. Wonderful post Laurel. I am hoping to be more social this coming year, with my husband being a supervisor where he eorks , I am being introduced to people all the time. But with my anxiety it’s hard to be very social other than the normal hello’s when we see each each other. So I’m gonna try to be better about it. ☺

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    • Thanks, Jenea, since my retirement (from social work, of all things!), I immersed myself in books and blogging to the extent that some of my friends are now calling me a “hermit.” LOL

      I need to socialize more, too. It is comfortable and easy to live online or in books. I don’t want to stop doing those things…I just need to do more.

      Enjoy your New Year!


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