Review Ratings:

In our wonderful world of books (and movies), we sometimes have to choose one over the other in terms of our favorites.

To help you understand my criteria for my starred reviews, I have chosen the following:

Love it a Lot! —                   Five Stars

It’s Really Good! —            Four Stars

Enjoyed it ––                         Three Stars

Not So Much ––                    Two Stars

Don’t Bother —                     One Star


Review Policies:

1. I prefer women’s fiction, mysteries, literary fiction, and romance.

2. I will review books according to my time constraints, with consideration given first to Amazon Vine reviews.

3. My reviews will be honest, and if I have to give an unfavorable review, I will explain why, focusing on the strengths as well as any weaknesses I find.

4. If an author is agreeable, any reviews will also be posted on and Goodreads. I reserve the right to also post reviews on my blogs.

5. If I choose not to read and review a particular book, I will contact the author to explain my reasons.


Please leave your thoughts. Comments, not awards, feed my soul. Thanks!

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