5 thoughts on “AUTHOR

  1. Great to read about you. I have a degree in SW as well. I worked in medical social work, but was a single mom and couldn’t pay the bills. I know work in an engineering firm. Not nearly as gratifying…

    Would love to read some of your work! I am going to research it on Amazon now.


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  3. Sylvia True

    Just saw this blog. Love the teaser Tuesday. Thank you so much for posting that. My daughter is just finishing her degree in social work. I live in Boston, but have a good friend, Bonnie Hill Hearn, in Fresno, who is also a writer. I hope you like The Wednesday Group. It’s the first thing I’ve ever had published. I’m a full-time teacher, mother, grandmother, and caretaker for my father. There is never enough time to write. I will order your book.
    All the best,
    Sylvia True


    1. Thanks, Sylvia….How interesting about your daughter! And I can definitely relate to an author who has many roles in life. Thanks for sharing.

      I know Bonnie, although not well, and enjoyed her book “Intern.” We both belonged to an author group that had group book signings…for a while. We haven’t done it for a few years, probably because the Internet and social networking have taken over marketing for most of us.

      I spent a weekend in Boston once, as part of my social work career, taking a child back to his mother who lived there. I fell in love with Boston…and have always wanted to go back.

      I will now approach The Wednesday Group with a whole new perspective. Glad you stopped by.


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