Earlier today, I was revisiting some of my earlier blog posts, and realized that I haven’t talked about my One Word since May, when I wrote Hope:  More Important Than Ever.

And at that time, I was sharing about my allergic reaction to hair dye.  Well, that reaction happened again in July…so I have decided that I am done with dye.  All the hope in the world couldn’t keep the rash at bay.

But…here’s what I’m hoping now.  That there will be something great about going natural.  How bad could it be?  LOL.

Lately, I’ve been noticing gray hair on people I know or see around (I’m assuming that my natural hair is probably gray, but I have only seen hints of it over the years…hidden, under the dye, but making a brief appearance at times).

Meanwhile, I am enjoying my books, as usual, and hoping to read as many of my purchased books as possible by year’s end (for my Read the Books You Buy Challenge).  So far, I’ve read 71, and should have completed another by the end of the day.

I have a dwindling stack of print volumes, too.  The most recent stack is on my living room coffee table:


In my office, there are two short stacks with a total of 11 unread books (older ones than those on my living room coffee table).  Not bad.  There is HOPE that I will finish at least some of these.

Reading print volumes has turned out to be a challenge…occasionally.   Some of the nonfiction books, especially, have a tiny font, making reading them tedious.  I should check these things out before I buy…except, most of them came from Amazon.

I am hopeful that I will somehow rise to the challenge.


What gives you hope and helps guide you through your days?  Do you find it in books?  People you know and love?  Or in your interior moral compass?



  1. Patty

    What gives me hope now is so much different than it was a year ago. I just want to always be aware of how much I have to be thankful for…I am forever changed and I am always aware of that.

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  2. I hope you love life without hair dye – I bet you will! When I get a book with tiny print (a book I ordered, that is) I’ll usually try to read it but I almost always end up donating it. It’s a frustration and that makes me love my kindle even more.

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    1. Thanks, Mary, I am eager to see what my life looks like with “silver” hair…LOL.

      I tried again last night with the tiny print of one of my nonfiction books…it was the worst of the three I have on my nightstand. I will keep working away at it, but I suspect that it may end up in the donation bin.


  3. I’ve had to totally give up tiny print books unless I can be outside in bright light. Sorry that you had another reaction to the dye. There is no getting around the harness of those chemicals unless you do some sort of natural rinse that may not cover the gray completely. I keep thinking I will let myself be my natural silver, but it always ends up getting covered.

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    1. Thanks, Nise, and what is so frustrating is that the dye did not produce a reaction until April of this year. Even so-called hypoallergenic dye could not stop the reaction. So…we shall see silver…I think.

      And the small print is frustrating! Enjoy your weekend, and thanks for visiting.


  4. I’ve given up struggling with small print. When I purged my shelves last year (well, a tiny purge, I hate to part with books), I donated all the tiny print ones since I knew I would never read that copy again!

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    1. Good plan, Leslie….I will do so, but will try for a while to get through some of the chapters. I’m skimming parts that I’ve read before in other books about the Kennedys (reading America’s Queen, with tiny print).



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