About Me




I was born  on October 25, 1942 in a small Central Valley town in the state of California.  In the sixties, I attended several colleges statewide, including San Francisco and Sacramento State Colleges, where I identified with the causes of the time, protesting the war in Vietnam, and fighting for civil rights for the disadvantaged.   I majored in psychology, receiving my Bachelor of Arts degree in 1966.  I later went on to attend graduate courses, completing a master’s degree in counseling in 1979.

After completing my undergraduate degree, I spent some time in graduate studies in between giving birth to three of my four children.   I launched my career in social work in 1972, but took a brief sabbatical when my daughter was born, returning to work and graduate school simultaneously.  When my second marriage ended in divorce, I spent several years as a single parent, struggling with the dual roles of parenting and career, facing many challenges along the way.
My career spanned twenty-seven years in the social work field, specializing in child welfare. During this time, I became a practitioner/mentor for other social workers.  I retired from county social work on February 28, 2001; after a period of time as a consultant for the county, I took a position in a private foster family agency.  After three years, I finally turned to writing full-time in October 2005.

I live in Fresno, CA, where I spend time writing, reading, collecting interesting objects, traveling, and spending time with my grandchildren.

Contact via e-mail at chezraine@gmail.com