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Here I sit, blogging and visiting blogs, my coffee cup next to me on the shelf (above); I do love my coffee mornings.

Yes, I am enjoying the start to my weekend morning…but I am also procrastinating.  I need to clean the patio so I can actually sit out there occasionally.  I also need to do a little housework, which I’ve been putting off all week.

But what fun is that?  In my post-retirement/freelance life, I’m supposed to be able to choose my activities.  And they should be enjoyable ones.  Ha!

Okay, let’s stop being self-indulgent here, but I do want to finish my blog visiting, which includes chatting about all the wonderful books others brought back from BEA.

Can we say ENVY?  Yes, we can.  But it’s okay.  Many of these books will be available in the next few months…and in the meantime, I do have a few that I’ve noticed on stacks.  Books I got from NetGalley.  I call the theme for my upcoming books:  The Girls in June.

First, we have The Girls in the Garden, which will be released on June 7.  So I’ll be picking it up to read very soon. (It is alternately called The Girls, or The Girls in the Garden)






And, to keep to the “girls” theme, here comes The Girls, by Emma Cline. (June 14 release date)




the girls by emma cline



Finally, All the Missing Girls, by Megan Miranda (Release date – June 28)







Now let’s look at my Netflix Addiction.  Yes, lovely new seasons are coming, from Bloodline next week, to Orange is the New Black in June.

In the meanwhile, I am luxuriating in The Killing.  A wonderful murder mystery laced with political scheming and nefarious deeds in a neighboring casino, it is set in Seattle.  I love Seattle!  I’m almost finished with Season II (of four), and we still don’t know who killed Rosie Larson…but there are plenty of suspects.



the killing image


But before I settle in to continue watching, I really must clean that patio, at the very least.  Right?  It isn’t THAT bad…just requires a broom, a dustpan, and a giant trash bag.  No problem!



patio on may 21


But after a cleaning, it can look like this again:





As I look at the patio photo above, I realize that this one was taken before they replaced the patio fence, which looks sooo much better nowadays, and behind the detritus of leaves, etc., you can glimpse it in the messy patio scene above.

Something to look forward to…a new clean patio with the prettier fence.

What is your interior world showing you today?  Fun, errands, chores?




    1. Oh, yes, I love the freedom of not working at a conventional job. I feel as though I’m working, still, but doing what I love: reading and writing. And movie/show watching. Thanks for stopping by, Patty, and isn’t it weird that so many June titles have “girls” in them?


  2. Good for you! I’ve recently been coming around to your way of post-retirement thinking (after already being retired a number of years). I’m trying to slow down and enjoy the activities I like and not be obsessive about what I “ought” to be doing. You know what they say about housework: If you have time for it, you’re not reading enough.

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    1. I hope to someday accrue more years in this life I’m loving than I had in my actual “work” life. So far, I’ve got fifteen years (and worked thirty in my first career). Halfway there. Thanks for stopping by, Dagny, and you’re right about housework.

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  3. The Girls in June looks good. When you get envious of the books from BEA consider this…flight/hotel 800.00. Tickets to BEA 200.00 Cost to go to docs cause you ran your immune system down and need tons o meds 74.00 I had a blast meeting friends I have known for 6 years, but lordy I am so sick now.

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    1. Yes, I don’t like to fly, Kimberly, so I wouldn’t even get off the ground…lol. I went to BEA in 2008, when it was in LA. Pre-blogging, so I didn’t know how to work it. I still got too many books to carry. I knew if I went again, I would take a rolling suitcase…or two.

      But only if it’s on the West Coast.

      Thanks for stopping by, and the three lovely books about girls I’ll be reading for June releases make up for any imagined loss from not attending BEA.


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