Bookish World & Coffee - 516

Here I sit, blogging and visiting blogs, my coffee cup next to me on the shelf (above); I do love my coffee mornings.

Yes, I am enjoying the start to my weekend morning…but I am also procrastinating.  I need to clean the patio so I can actually sit out there occasionally.  I also need to do a little housework, which I’ve been putting off all week.

But what fun is that?  In my post-retirement/freelance life, I’m supposed to be able to choose my activities.  And they should be enjoyable ones.  Ha!

Okay, let’s stop being self-indulgent here, but I do want to finish my blog visiting, which includes chatting about all the wonderful books others brought back from BEA.

Can we say ENVY?  Yes, we can.  But it’s okay.  Many of these books will be available in the next few months…and in the meantime, I do have a few that I’ve noticed on stacks.  Books I got from NetGalley.  I call the theme for my upcoming books:  The Girls in June.

First, we have The Girls in the Garden, which will be released on June 7.  So I’ll be picking it up to read very soon. (It is alternately called The Girls, or The Girls in the Garden)






And, to keep to the “girls” theme, here comes The Girls, by Emma Cline. (June 14 release date)




the girls by emma cline



Finally, All the Missing Girls, by Megan Miranda (Release date – June 28)







Now let’s look at my Netflix Addiction.  Yes, lovely new seasons are coming, from Bloodline next week, to Orange is the New Black in June.

In the meanwhile, I am luxuriating in The Killing.  A wonderful murder mystery laced with political scheming and nefarious deeds in a neighboring casino, it is set in Seattle.  I love Seattle!  I’m almost finished with Season II (of four), and we still don’t know who killed Rosie Larson…but there are plenty of suspects.



the killing image


But before I settle in to continue watching, I really must clean that patio, at the very least.  Right?  It isn’t THAT bad…just requires a broom, a dustpan, and a giant trash bag.  No problem!



patio on may 21


But after a cleaning, it can look like this again:





As I look at the patio photo above, I realize that this one was taken before they replaced the patio fence, which looks sooo much better nowadays, and behind the detritus of leaves, etc., you can glimpse it in the messy patio scene above.

Something to look forward to…a new clean patio with the prettier fence.

What is your interior world showing you today?  Fun, errands, chores?




Good morning, readers!  Here we are on a Thursday, already, and I am tucked away in my little Nook above, reading blogs, answering e-mails, and finally enjoying some peaceful moments after the Big Carpet Cleaning.

My office was where I hung out while the cleaning took place…and afterwards, too, as I waited for it all to dry.  Since my office gets little traffic, and looked almost new after rearranging the furniture, it didn’t need the cleaning right now.  I may do it myself later.

Here are a couple of shots of the dining and living room areas:


oct 22 interiors - 1


When I brought most of the furniture back in, I left a few things in the garage to sort through…like magazines, birdhouses, etc.  I now get to decide what to keep in my Interior World…and what to store.


While I was relaxing, I read two great NetGalley books this week:  Smoke (click for review):




And then yesterday, I finished Corrupted, by Lisa Scottoline.  Click for my review:






My NetGalley Shelf was empty…so guess what?  I had to request something.  This morning, my request was approved and I downloaded this one!  Yay!  The Things We Keep, by Sally Hepworth, will be released on 1/19/16…so I have a little while to get it read.





Anna Forster, in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease at only thirty-eight years old, knows that her family is doing what they believe to be best when they take her to Rosalind House, an assisted living facility. She also knows there’s just one another resident her age, Luke. What she does not expect is the love that blossoms between her and Luke even as she resists her new life at Rosalind House. As her disease steals more and more of her memory, Anna fights to hold on to what she knows, including her relationship with Luke.

When Eve Bennett is suddenly thrust into the role of single mother she finds herself putting her culinary training to use at Rosalind house. When she meets Anna and Luke she is moved by the bond the pair has forged. But when a tragic incident leads Anna’s and Luke’s families to separate them, Eve finds herself questioning what she is willing to risk to help them.


Meanwhile, I am currently reading Who Do You Love, by Jennifer Weiner.





What does your Interior World look like today?  What weekend plans do you have?  I am getting my hair colored and styled today, thanks to my lovely daughter Heather.  Here she is with her son, Noah (my grandson, of course!).  We spent a lot of time together this summer with the house guests here, but lately, we’ve both been so busy.  Looking forward to catching up today….


Heather's birthday lunch- 2015





Welcome to my Interior World…again.  In the photo above, I imagine that the woman is sitting in her house, ready to plunge in and clean…or cook something, perhaps, but then her fantasies take over and she is lost in her dreams.

This week, the carpet cleaners are coming, and oh, boy, do I have a lot of work to do!  Yes, who knew that prepping for cleaning could be so much work?  Well, yesterday I removed all the little things from my rooms—baskets of magazines, birdhouses, small tables, etc.—and now my garage is stuffed to the gills with these quirky objects.  I suspect that some of them will never return to the rooms, as I realize how much harder it is to clean around everything…LOL.   Those decorative boxes (below) contain several sizes that can be stacked, and fill in gaps in the rooms.  But what a pain they are, now that I think about it!



Closet cleaning resulted in several trash bags full of old clothes, etc.

Back in the living room, I also gathered up and hauled out several bags of magazines…who knew why I was saving them?

I am not even close to done, but I got a head start.  I also cleared off the coffee table, leaving a bare surface except for the trays I use for coffee cups, plates, etc., since I usually eat at the coffee table.  The day of the cleaning, I will move it to the garage, too, along with (I think!), my pub table and stools and possibly the dining room table and chairs.  But will there be room in the garage?

Meanwhile, today and tomorrow will be heavy vacuuming, and on the actual day, a light touch throughout.





What do you think when you have a big job that you dread, but which will result in something good…like clean carpets?  Do you go into a frenzy?  Do you get easily distracted?  I like this little description of what can happen to me when trying to clean:



cleaning house-quirky


Now I am distracted from cleaning and want to read my book, Catching Air, by Sarah Pekkanen.  It is moving along quickly and I’m enjoying the characters and their problems.





The characters, two brothers and their wives, have opened a B & B in Vermont…and then along comes a stranger with a big secret.  We get to see each of their interior thoughts and feelings through the alternating perspectives.  They all have something to lose if this endeavor takes a wrong turn….


What are you doing, reading, or thinking about on a Friday? 




Today as I slog through the house, cleaning the interiors, I pause before this nook in my office.  Yes, I call it the Book Nook, but seriously?  It just looks like a place in need of a purge!

But the books on the top left are those that are linked on my Book Nook page…for giveaway.  They don’t fly out fast enough, though, so I may have to think of something else.

Those on the right, atop the filing cabinet:  in front are some DVDs, but behind those are autographed books.  Now those are collectibles..right?  I can’t give those away. 

The nook was formerly a closet with horrible sliding doors.  I removed those, attached the curtains, which I could close…but I like the pulled-back effect.

My office is the most cluttered space in my home, but it feels cozy.  The photos on the walls are layered and reveal much about me and my family and friends.


Left wall of office
Left wall of office


This wall, below, is to the right of my computer area…and the bulletin board you see is stuffed with photos and memorabilia.  Above the bulletin board is an autographed photo of Victoria Rowell (author/actress) from BEA 2008.

My calendar to the left features vintage typewriters…a different one for each month.




And this photo (below) has a dark glow about it…I like the hues.   Below the photo display is another bookcase.





I suspect that this space will remain as it is…it feels like a cozy cocoon.  But dusting it is always a challenge!

Organizing my space in the next few months is going to involve going out in the garage and sorting through the see-through bins…shredding paperwork and then moving more stuff out of the house into the empty bins.

Sounds easy enough…right?

I think it’s a task that should involve more than one person…a party, perhaps.  Wouldn’t that be more fun?

How do you motivate yourself to organize and clean your spaces?  As I ponder that, here’s a word of advice I like: