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So far the week has been busy, and not just with reading and blogging.

On Saturday, I finally saw the movie Lady Bird, set in Sacramento…where I spent some happy days in my younger years.

  • I was hoping to see Billboards...but haven’t done so yet.
  • On Tuesday, I had lunch with my daughter…she hates this photo…

  • After lunch, she stripped the color from my hair and added silver…I’m tired of watching the uneven outgrowth, and can’t use hair dye anymore.  Here’s what she did…

  • I started watching Alias Grace on Netflix…now I want to read the book.
  • I am very eager to watch Season II of The Crown…coming Friday…
  • I finally did some calendar shopping at Barnes & Noble…I had coupons, so I hurried on over there.  I used to buy so many calendars, but now I just buy three:  A Mary Engelbreit for the kitchen; an Irish Countryside for my bedroom; and something artsy for the office (this time I got Georgia O’Keeffe).
  • So far this week, I’ve read and reviewed A Bella Flora Christmas, by Wendy Wax; and The Wife Between Us, by Greer Hendricks & Sarah Pekkanen – (NetGalley – 1/9/18)
  • Currently reading Fragments of the Lost, by Megan Miranda…which is okay, but the pace is pretty slow so far.  I will keep reading, though, as it’s interesting.
  • I hope to read Little Broken Things this week, too.
  • “If you liked Big Little Lies, you’ll want to crack open this new novel by Nicole Baart.” —Southern Living “Steeped in menace, Baart’s latest is a race-to-the-finish family drama.” —People


So that’s my week so far…what is happening in your corner of the world?



  1. I like the hair. Is your daughter a hairdresser? Not sure I would trust any of my family to work on my hair otherwise. I haven’t watched Alias Grace yet as I loved the book and I don’t know if this will affect how I watch it?

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    1. Thanks, Emma, and yes, my daughter is a hairdresser, so she has been doing my hair for a few years.

      We had some issues with hair dye after many years of dyeing my hair (allergic reaction!), so I decided to go gray…but hated the uneven outgrowths…this is what we came up with.

      I’ve only watched one episode of Alias Grace so far…it’s interesting. I am pretty sure I’ll need to read the book.

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  2. Your hair looks great! My daughter saw Lady Bird last week and said I need to see it. So I will when this ridiculous sinus thing leaves me. I’ve been sick for a week and that has put the brakes on almost everything – including my reading. I’m in the middle of Cardinal Cabin and hope to finish it in the next few days. I’ve watched the first couple of episodes of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (on Amazon Prime Video) – from the creator of Gilmore Girls. Very different from GG but good.

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    1. Oh, wow, so sorry about your sinus infection! I used to get those, and they are debilitating. Haven’t had one for a few years (knock wood!). Lady Bird is brilliantly acted, and the mother/daughter dynamic feels so real. Plus…the Sacramento scenes swept me back to when I lived there. So there was a bit of nostalgia going on for me.

      I noticed The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel…and now that I recall that part about the Gilmore Girls creator, I absolutely must start watching it. Thanks, Mary!


  3. Patty

    You have had quite a busy day. I love your hair that way. You must love calendars the way you love writing blogs…we are working on lights and Christmas deco today! Bows, candles, ornaments! I am obsessed with these moving flame candles and I need more…really!

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    1. Thanks for visiting, Patty, and your Christmas decorations sound so awesome! I’m glad you are enjoying them.

      Yes, I do love calendars…although I’ve cut down on the number of them. I got used to so many when I had more rooms, but it would be ridiculous to have so many here.

      Enjoy your day!


    1. Thanks, Cleo, and I’m going…WHAT? Then I realized you meant the photo my daughter hated. She always wants to look “picture perfect” and be ready for snapshots. But I like real and candid shots, too. I can’t blame her, though, I’m kind of the same way. LOL

      Tomorrow The Crown! Can’t wait! I wonder if it will be up at midnight…I might just stay up late to see.

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