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What a year we have had!  I can’t believe it is almost over, but in many ways, I will be glad to leave it behind.

Watching Hallmark Christmas Movies has been helping me feel the season…and I’ve even grabbed a little joy along the way.

Netflix (and Amazon Prime) have brought some great shows…and the most recent ones I’ve enjoyed:  The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (Amazon) and Season II of The Crown (Netflix).

  • This week’s reading:  two books read and reviewed so far:  Little Broken Things, by Nicole Baart; and A Season to Lie, by Emily Littlejohn. (Click titles for my reviews).
  • I just started reading A Hundred Small Lessons, by Ashley Hay.  So far, I’m fascinated by the alternating narrators, from the elderly woman who has been moved into a care facility after 60 years in her home, to the young couple who has bought the house.  ” An emotionally resonant and profound new novel of two families, interconnected through the house that bears witness to their lives.”
  • Today is manicure day again…and I’m considering a new color.  I do love the glittery blue I’ve had for a while, however.
  • My granddaughter Aubrey has been capturing images in Poland recently.  Her semester in Prague has allowed her to visit some nearby places…and one of them is very sad:  Auschwitz,  a reminder of what can happen when evil is allowed to flourish.

  • On a more uplifting note, the Krakow Christmas Mart:

  • Last weekend, my youngest grandson stayed with me while his parents were away.  He set up his X-Box in the bedroom…and didn’t even leave his post for food.  He munched the pizza slices I bought while continuing to play.  Considering my obsession with my laptop…and with Netflix, I can’t really comment on it.  LOL


That’s my week so far…what does yours look like?


10 thoughts on “COFFEE CHAT: AT HOME & ABROAD…

    • Thanks, Emma, and I have mixed feelings about how intensely he focuses on the gaming…but then again, he definitely isn’t needy. When my kids were young, they had different obsessions, but it was the same intensity. Whatever they did had all their attention.

      I may end up with the same color…or not.

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  1. Mrs Maisel is actually Amazon. 😉 (But still fabulous)
    I don’t really know anyone else watching it, but I liked it a lot.

    That’s funny about your grandson. Sometimes I worry about my kids with video games, but at the same time, I know I read and played video games with the same sort of drive and focus. I also have more issue with mine watching youtube videos all the time.

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    • Oops! You’re right, Shannon….I go back and forth between Netflix and Amazon…obsessively.

      My reading has always grabbed me…we didn’t have video games when I was a kid. Whatever captures our attention and keeps us occupied with something relatively harmless (there might be debates about how harmless obsessive reading/gaming/etc. might be), but I like when the obsession keeps the kid close by.

      Thanks for visiting!



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