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The weather is heading upward to the 90s this weekend.  I guess I should prepare the AC…just in case.

I read and reviewed four books this week, and they were a mix of NetGalley review books (2), a library book, and one purchased book.  There was a bit of mystery, a nonfiction book, and vicarious traveling to lovely settings.

The last episode of Scandal aired…and I’m sad to see the characters go.  But in some ways, I liked putting the political dirty dealings behind me.

Next Wednesday, The Handmaid’s Tale returns to Hulu for its second season.  And on Sunday, there will be another Season II episode of The Good Fight.  Loving it!

This week, Son #2 is in Louisville, Kentucky, working with a small crew producing an indie film.  Below, see stars:  Jason Patric, on the left; and Toby Kebbell, right…

So…those are some tidbits from my week.  Grab some coffee, and let’s chat about the details.


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Coffee Chat:  Books, Movies, Etc.

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Review:  Paris Ever After (e-book), by K.S.R. Burns – (NG-5/1)Review:  A Nantucket Wedding (e-book), by Nancy Thayer – (Library)Review:  True Stories from an Unreliable Eyewitness (e-book), by Christine LahtiReview:  The High Tide Club (e-book), by Mary Kay Andrews  – (NG – 5/8)


INCOMING BOOKS:  (Titles/Covers Linked to Amazon)

One book came in my mailbox, an author review book!  I received one NG review book; one library book; and one purchased download.

Beach Bliss, by Joanne DeMaio (Author Review Request)

NetGalley Review:

The Dream Daughter (e-book), by Diane Chamberlain – (10/2)


Sisters Like Us (e-book), by Susan Mallery


Housekeeping (e-book), by Marilynne Robinson



Let Me Lie (e-book), by Clare Mackintosh


Then I’ll follow my moods…and pick up some review books.  That’s my week.  What did yours look like?  The other day, I had apple pie a la mode with my book.




Welcome to another Coffee Chat, featuring our bookish and not so bookish thoughts, hosted by Bookishly Boisterous.

The weather has turned mild again, with 70-something temperatures.  No rain for several days, but while we had the rain, I found my reading mojo again…and so far this week, I’ve read and reviewed three books and I’m well into my fourth.  Two were NetGalley ARCs:  The Good Liar, by Catherine McKenzie and Other People’s Houses, by Abbi Waxman; (click for my reviews).  The third was a library book:  Map of the Heart, by Susan Wiggs (click for my review).

  • Now I’m reading and loving another library book:  Her Every Fear, by Peter Swanson.
  • I’m slowly learning the ins and outs of navigating Libby @Overdrive.  Figuring out how long I have to wait for each book.  So far, I’ve already downloaded three books as “loans.”
  • Son #2 took a road trip this week with his three kids, Alec, Aubrey, & Aaron; here’s a shot of them at the Grand Canyon…beautiful setting!

  • Here are Brett and two of the kids taking selfies:


  • I thought my youngest grandson (age 15) would be spending the weekend, but he’s going to his dad’s instead.  That works, as now I won’t have to scramble to arrange activities during the Easter weekend.
  • Speaking of Easter, I loved finding adorable photos of my great-grandniece, Margaret, who looks ready for spring in this one:

  • And doesn’t she look grown up in this shot?  Is that hot chocolate?


How is your week shaping up?  Do you have plans for the weekend?



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This past week brought rain, a couple of storms, and better reading than the previous one.  What a relief!  Although I only finished reading and reviewing three books, I’m halfway finished with another.

So..it was a week curled up with books, but I also took time for a few movies, like I, Tonya and Wonder Wheel.  On Netflix, I binge-watched some new episodes on Last Tango in Halifax, and then started watching a sweet story about family:  Life Unexpected.

This weekend is our last for Bloggiesta (click to see what I did…so far).

So…that was pretty much it, but I got very little sleep at night with the reading and watching, which led to some naps during the days.  It’s a good thing that I’m retired! 

Grab some coffee…and let’s take a closer look at the week:


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Coffee Chat:  Rainy Days, Etc.

Bookish Friday:  Let Me Lie, by Clare Mackintosh

Review:  Not That I Could Tell (e-book), by Jessica Strawser (NG-3/27)Review:  The Bad Daughter (e-book), by Joy FieldingReview:  The Perfect Nanny (e-book), by Leila Slimani


INCOMING BOOKS: (Titles/Covers Linked to Amazon)

Empty mailbox!  I did borrow ONE library book via Libby at Overdrive.

Her Every Fear (e-book), by Peter Swanson


CURRENTLY READING:  Map of the Heart (e-book), by Susan Wiggs (another library book)


Then I want to begin The Good Liar (e-book), Catherine McKenzie (NG-4/3)

and….Other People’s Houses (e-book), by Abbi Waxman – (NG – 4/3)


That was my week….and I am looking forward to another one with good books.    What did your week look like?  Since I didn’t get out much, I impulsively ran out for some soup at Marie Callender’s on Thursday.  It was delicious!



Good morning! Today’s post will link up to The Sunday Salon, The Sunday Post and Stacking the Shelves, for weekly updates.

**Mailbox Monday is hosted at the home site: Mailbox Monday.

And let’s join Kathryn, our leader in It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?, at Book Date.


Welcome to my new home for Weekly Updates.  I change the venue periodically, but it has been a long while since I brought the post here. 

My week has been slow and a little lazy, with only two books read and reviewed.  The first one was finished within 24 hours, and the second lingered for most of the week.  Life got in the way…tedious tax appointment, errands, etc.  I caught up on my DVR queue, and then I continued binge-watching Parenthood.  The show is one which I’ve watched before, but it felt like comfort viewing family style.  I hope to find something new to watch on Netflix this next week.  Oh, and The Good Fight will start streaming its Season II on March 4.

The good news!  The Olympics are done (sorry, fans, just not for me!), and we’re back to regular programming…which means This Is Us, TGIT lineup, etc.  Happy days.

Let’s grab some coffee and chat about the week…


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Review:  Look For Me (e-book), by Lisa GardnerReview:  Blood Sisters (e-book), by Jane Corry


INCOMING BOOKS:  (Titles/Covers Linked to Amazon)

Empty Mailbox!   I just got a NetGalley review book!  I also downloaded two e-books (purchased)

NetGalley:  (Release Date – 6/26)

Before & Again (e-book), by Barbara Delinsky


Purchased Downloads:

Sunburn (e-book), by Laura Lippman

The French Girl (e-book), by Lexie Elliott



I have two more NetGalley e-ARCs to read before their release in later March…but I’m waiting a bit before starting them.

Currently Reading:  The Promise Between Us (e-book), by Barbara Claypole White


That was my week!  What did yours look like?  On Tuesday, I had more comfort food at Marie Callender’s…while reading my book.  I took leftovers home for the next day.



It’s time to grab some coffee and chat.  Head on over to Bookishly Boisterous to see what others are talking about.

So far the week has been busy, and not just with reading and blogging.

On Saturday, I finally saw the movie Lady Bird, set in Sacramento…where I spent some happy days in my younger years.

  • I was hoping to see Billboards...but haven’t done so yet.
  • On Tuesday, I had lunch with my daughter…she hates this photo…

  • After lunch, she stripped the color from my hair and added silver…I’m tired of watching the uneven outgrowth, and can’t use hair dye anymore.  Here’s what she did…

  • I started watching Alias Grace on Netflix…now I want to read the book.
  • I am very eager to watch Season II of The Crown…coming Friday…
  • I finally did some calendar shopping at Barnes & Noble…I had coupons, so I hurried on over there.  I used to buy so many calendars, but now I just buy three:  A Mary Engelbreit for the kitchen; an Irish Countryside for my bedroom; and something artsy for the office (this time I got Georgia O’Keeffe).
  • So far this week, I’ve read and reviewed A Bella Flora Christmas, by Wendy Wax; and The Wife Between Us, by Greer Hendricks & Sarah Pekkanen – (NetGalley – 1/9/18)
  • Currently reading Fragments of the Lost, by Megan Miranda…which is okay, but the pace is pretty slow so far.  I will keep reading, though, as it’s interesting.
  • I hope to read Little Broken Things this week, too.
  • “If you liked Big Little Lies, you’ll want to crack open this new novel by Nicole Baart.” —Southern Living “Steeped in menace, Baart’s latest is a race-to-the-finish family drama.” —People


So that’s my week so far…what is happening in your corner of the world?



Good morning!  Let’s have another cup of coffee and chat.  Connect with other friends over at Bookishly Boisterous.

The sofa (above) is the one in my office, where I have been hanging out lately.  There is a nice TV in the room now…and my laptop, too, of course (below).


  • While I have been nesting in my cozy spots, my second son Brett has been in Spain, Ibiza, and now Prague…where his daughter Aubrey will be attending a semester of college.  Here are some of my family members in Prague:

  • My vicarious travels are working for me…so far.  But even though I’m not headed to far off places any time soon, my third son has tempted me with these beach photos near where they live, in the northern part of the state.

  • What else is happening here?  I finished binge-watching Nurse Jackie, and wrote some thoughts about it over at Hump Day Serendipity:  Creating My “Happy Moments.”
  • Bloggiesta has begun….and I had already started ahead of time, as usual.  Check out what I’ve done here…
  • I also watched Season 7 of Offspring....
  • Now I’m ready for the Netflix movie based on Our Souls at Night, with Jane Fonda and Robert Redford….coming September 29!


Now I’m ready to cozy up with books and movies…but first, I’m going to visit some blogs and chat.



Good morning!  Time to chat over coffee, and link to Bookishly Boisterous for Bookish/Not So Bookish Thoughts.

  • I wasn’t going to write a post today, as, after a week of calling in at night, I have been directed to report in for Jury Duty this morning at 8:30.  This means changing up everything about my morning routines.  I hate the drive downtown, and finding the Jury Parking.  I haven’t done this since the 1980s!  Up until now, I’ve managed to be “on call” only.
  • But…I couldn’t sleep until my alarm went off, so I thought I should try writing down a few thoughts while I eat breakfast.
  • Last night I watched Part I of The Story of Diana.  Mostly it was a repeat of a lot of the other shows I’ve seen lately.
  • Because I was setting the alarm and planning to rise early, I didn’t get a chance to watch Younger and The Sinner.  They are waiting on the DVR.
  • I finished watching Season I of Ozark…and resumed watching The Ranch.
  • On the weekend, I watched a movie on Amazon Prime that I had seen at the theater…and enjoyed it because it starred Debra Winger.  It was The Lovers.
  • Reading two books:  Before We Were Yours, by Lisa Wingate, which is pretty good so far; and America’s Queen, by Sarah Bradford, which I will read in bits and pieces, as it has 444 pages…which isn’t that bad, except that the type is very tiny, making the pages long and sometimes tedious.  I found myself skipping over parts I’ve read in other books.
  • On Tuesday, I enjoyed a pre-birthday lunch with my daughter and her son Noah; we had a very adult-like lunch, with no barbs thrown or any sneaky mentions of the Elephant in the Room (Trump).  Probably because Noah was there.

  • On Sunday, her actual birthday, there will be a group brunch at a local restaurant, which I’ve never visited, but is close by:

  • She was born on Friday the 13th, in 1976, after 36 hours of labor…and finally, a C-Section!
  • I’m looking forward to seeing The Glass Castle this weekend!


That’s it for today.  Come on by and share your own Bookish/Not So Bookish Thoughts.



Good morning, and welcome to a Sunday Coffee Chat.  My new header (above) came to me late last night, when I realized that I hadn’t changed it in a while.

Changing things up seems to be my default setting on my blogs…and in my life.

Conveying the theme of my site is what I hope to achieve, and doing so in a variety of ways makes me feel “fresh” and “new.”  This blog is all about reading, blogging, and writing…and my love of those activities.

As I grab another cup of coffee, I ponder the day ahead.  Yesterday was all about running errands and having a relaxing lunch.



Today I plan to read, watch some Netflix, and some of the movies on Amazon Prime Videos.  I also have some movies on my DVR.  Ordinary People is one I’ve been wanting to watch again, since Mary Tyler Moore gave an extraordinary performance in it.


Tonight my favorite thing will be watching Big Little Lies…and The Good Fight, streaming on CBS:  All Access, a recent acquisition.



I am currently reading The Mother’s Promise, and I was drawn in by the alternating narrators immediately.  Each character’s perspective offers just enough to keep me turning those pages.  A single mom, a teenage daughter with severe social anxiety, and an illness that renders the mother unable to provide the buffer her daughter has always depended upon.





So…that’s what I have planned.  What do you enjoy on a Sunday?




As I sip my coffee this morning, I remember how much the iconic Mary Tyler Moore meant to us, those of us coming up in the 60s and 70s.  The Mary Tyler Moore show was a must-watch, and I even purchased DVDs of some of the seasons after the show ended.





She showed us the challenges in the workplace, how to navigate dating life with humor, and how to enjoy the friendships of other women.

Last night, in two memorial shows, we were reminded of her body of work, and how her presence on the two most famous TV shows—The Dick VanDyke show and The Mary Tyler Moore show—was only a piece of who she was.

I’ve seen her in a few movies, the most notable being her portrayal of the cold mother in Ordinary People.  Remember that one?





I am pretty sure I have this one in my collection, but if not, I am also sure that I can find it, perhaps on Amazon Prime.


Was Mary Tyler Moore someone who informed your life growing up?  Did you watch either of her shows?

She will be missed.



books-fairytales-may-16-shapedFor some reason, the coffee tastes especially good this morning.  And then I thought:  it’s time for Coffee Morning!

Last night was a late one, so that probably also explains the extra need for the caffeine boost today.  The Girl on the Train movie is now on Amazon Prime...and I watched it again.

This Is Us was on, too, and I was compelled to view it afterwards from the DVR…so, late night.


I’m reading Always, by Sarah Jio, a nice palate cleanser in between thrillers.  Set in Seattle, we get to follow the character along in a dual time line that switches between the 1990s and the present.  My copy is from NetGalley, to be released on 2/7/17.




Enjoying a romantic candlelit dinner with her fiancé, Ryan, at one of Seattle’s chicest restaurants, Kailey Crain can’t believe her good fortune: She has a great job as a journalist and is now engaged to a guy who is perfect in nearly every way. As she and Ryan leave the restaurant, Kailey spies a thin, bearded homeless man on the sidewalk. She approaches him to offer up her bag of leftovers, and is stunned when their eyes meet, then stricken to her very core: The man is the love of her life, Cade McAllister…


Today I’m supposed to have another spa day…just a massage.  I’m enjoying those, as my muscles seem to tighten so regularly that the pain is an ever-present companion.  Could my hours on the computer…and/or reading explain some of this?  I should be using the exercise bike, below, instead of letting Minnie take over…She does look cute there, however.




A while ago, I was thinking about moving…remember that?  After considerable thought, I have decided to happily stay put for now, as the thought of packing, getting rid of a lot of stuff (since the places I looked at were smaller), and/or changing up the routines that are so comfortable to me….knocked that idea right out of my head.

Plus…my neighborhood favorite places right around the corner are part of my comfort zone.  The theater, the restaurants, the bookstore….okay, now I’m definitely sold on staying.

Last night, I visited one of those familiar restaurants and used one of the gift cards I got from my grandchildren at Christmas.  Yard House, close to the theater….is not one of my usual places, but I enjoyed this dinner of fish and chips, with malt vinegar.





I ended up sending that blended drink back…for one on the rocks.  Which is what I’d asked for, but I took the photo before realizing they had brought the wrong one…LOL.

My usual places are so familiar that they already know what I want when I walk in.  Does that mean I’m predictable?


So…what now?  Another TV show I’m loving is back from hiatus:  Too Close to Home, with one of my favorite actresses from two soaps…she was killed off on both of them!  Rude, right?  But I think the second “death” was to accommodate her new show.  Kelly Sullivan plays a character living in a tiny town in Alabama.  Her sister has been working for the President…and having an affair with him.  Until she is discovered and evicted from her job and her apartment by the President’s wife.  She slinks off to Happy, Alabama, an inappropriate name for a place filled with meth heads, trailer parks, and angry characters.





Can I say I am addicted?

Another new show on the horizon, available only on CBS All Access (which I had to sign up for, of course!):  The Good Fight carries forward some of the characters from the now defunct The Good Wife.  The show premiere is February 19.


Am I done?  Yes, my coffee is gone and I need to get back to reading…so, next time!

What are your comfort zones?  What books/shows fill your days and nights?