Good morning, and welcome to another Coffee Chat,  during which we will share some Bookish and Not So Bookish Thoughts.  Link up at Bookishly Boisterous.

What a great Thanksgiving holiday we had!  I enjoyed the gathering on the actual day, and then another on the Saturday with family who couldn’t make the Thursday event.  The lunch at Mad Duck near the university was fun, and this photo right outside gives a view of the Maya Theater in the background, a new cinema in the area. 

  • By Sunday, I was ready to turn the page to thoughts of Christmas, and brought out some decorations.   Check out  one of my miniature trees, below, which has photo ornaments of my seven grandchildren from younger years.  On the cupboard in the background, I enjoy sharing my little Boyd’s Bear wearing a Candy Cane suit.

  • My bookish week has been a good one so far.  I read and reviewed Moral Defense, by Marcia Clark, and Without Merit by Colleen Hoover. (Click titles for reviews).  Now I am waffling on what to read next.  I started The Cruelest Month, by Louise Penny, but I haven’t yet connected with the story or the characters.  I did love the first two books in the series, though.
  • Hallmark Channel has been playing in the background each day,  and I’ve watched a variety of Christmas movies so far.  I might have to switch things up, as I could easily be sated by the numerous offerings.
  • I’m still hoping to see the movie Lady Bird, but didn’t make it to the theater on the weekend.  I couldn’t seem to make myself go, between reading, TV movies, Netflix, and Christmas decorating…and just sheer laziness.
  • On December 8, Season II of The Crown is coming to Netflix.  I was hooked on the first season, so I’m excited.
  • The other day, I had dinner at Marie Callender’s again…I chose Shepherd’s Pie, and I brought home a piece of pumpkin pie to eat with my Christmas friends at the pub table.

  • I watched The Talk the other day, and felt nostalgic about seeing Carol Burnett as the guest.  Her 50th anniversary celebration will be on TV this weekend.
  • Now I’m off to watch more movies…and maybe read some more.


Come on by with your coffee (or tea!)…and let’s chat.



    • Thanks, Emma, even though I don’t bring out a lot, I do feel the season more once I do…and then watching all the movies and reading a few books adds to the ambience. I like having the artificial trees, and they work great in creating the mood. I like the idea of that pink tree!

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    • Thanks, Patty, I love it, too. I sometimes miss the Christmas we had in my bigger house, with a big tree, etc., but I also enjoy how much easier it is to decorate in my small space.

      I may do a post on Potpourri about those Old Christmases Past, complete with photos…for the nostalgia.

      Enjoy your season!


    • Thanks, Nise, I still have such fond memories of the whole family sitting around and watching Carol Burnett. She was definitely a family tradition to follow.

      I got my little photo ornaments from Amazon a few years ago, after another blogger mentioned that she had found some there, and how much she loved them.

      Looking forward to the tidbits they will show on the 50th Celebration.


  1. So pleased to hear you had a good Thanksgiving Laurel and an equally good follow up by the sounds of things. Good to hear you enjoyed a nice British Cottage Pie with your American Pumpkin Pie (something I’d never eaten until an American friend made it for me a few years back)

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