Welcome to another Coffee Chat, in which we ponder the week behind us…and plan what is next.  

My broken umbrella took me out to the shops on Monday, where I found a new one.  I hope to really enjoy this one, although it does not have a crank for up and down movements.  Sigh.  I will try to manage.


I have enjoyed a glass of wine out there…and a cup of coffee this morning.


  • This week, I have changed my Internet Browser from Firefox to Google Chrome, since I discovered that I could not comment on a number of Blogger sites!  This is a recent change on Blogger, I do believe.  But I was frustrated, so, after chatting online with my son in Prague, I decided to give it a whirl.
  • Google Chrome solved the commenting problem, but I am still struggling to work out other issues with this browser.  How to upload pictures into the appropriate folders?  I might have to go back and forth between the browsers.  Sigh.
  • Meanwhile, I did finish reading The House Across the Lake, by Riley Sager. Now I am reading The Foundling, by Ann Leary.
  • With some time on my hands while waiting for the handyman to come by and set up my umbrella, I moved some of my furniture around.  Yes, I tend to do that!


So…I hope that the upcoming weeks will bring good weather (and no wind!), so that I can truly enjoy my time on the patio.

What are you anticipating?



  1. Would you believe I just moved furniture around myself in my living room. I have space now to do my yoga stretches without hitting the couch or a footstool. When I am just lying straight and still aligning my spine to the floor, my cat, Freesia, comes over and grooms my hair. LOL

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    1. Thanks, Kathryn, I hadn’t even thought of switching to Google Chrome until my Prague son told me that I would be able to do the commenting if I used it, and he also likes that browser.

      I am now trying to figure out the Google drive for photos…do you use PicMonkey for photo editing? I am trying to sync these two platforms, LOL.


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