Good morning!  Let’s gather around with our caffeinated beverages to chat about our weeks, our books, and our perspectives.  Join our host at Bookishly Boisterous to see what others are sharing.

We are in Week Three of our Lockdown, but I really want to stop counting the days and weeks.  Instead I want to take it all a day at a time, planning the books and movies I will read and view each day.  And realizing that now I can go outside in the courtyard at scheduled times.  I loved the feel of the spring air when I went out this week!

  • In this photo, below, you can almost see my apartment window on the left, behind the gazebo.  By the end of the month, roses will bloom.  My window view of those roses led to my pick of that specific apartment.  Plus it seemed larger than most studio units.

  • In this photo, we can enjoy the bright red of the spring flowers…

  • I have only finished reading and reviewing one book so far this week; I had wasted most of Sunday reading a book that I finally had to cast aside, frustrated, since I liked the beginning…and then it turned boring.  Sigh.
  • But The Operator, by Gretchen Berg, is a book I ordered in hardcover, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  As I finish reading/reviewing, I tuck those books away on my bookshelves. (See The Operator below, next to the decorative “jack”). I love admiring them all lined up, since I moved in here with only about ten books from my previous collection of hundreds.
  • I now have 54 books on this bookshelf…the one below only has 53, since The Operator had not yet been shelved…LOL

  • Here are my TBR books in the print format:  on a shelf in the entry way just for them, left, and on the nightstand, right…

  • As much as I love having some books in hardcover/paperback, just so I can admire them after I’ve read them…I’ve discovered that I read my e-books much faster.  Perhaps holding those hardcovers isn’t that easy these days!
  • Last night I started reading Follow Me, by Kathleen Barber, and so far so good.
  • Yesterday I received a new large bag of coffee grounds from Amazon.  Yay!  Love the smell and taste of new coffee.


Now I am ready for breakfast!  I have developed a system for making sure that I get the food I order.  I take a picture of the menu form I fill out, and check what I receive against the photo.  Accountability!  It’s working.

How is your week shaping up?


12 thoughts on “COFFEE CHAT: A DAY AT A TIME…

  1. I am switching to decaf because I’m getting to this at 4 in the afternoon–tea time, but alas! out of tea.
    My week is coming along fairly well, but I HATE teaching on line. My tech skills have grown exponentially but not in any way that helps ME out. Instead, I am dealing with frantic students who wonder why grades aren’t tallied on Blackboard. Phooey!
    We went to senior shopping hour at Kroger’s this morning and were frowned at for not keeping socially acceptably distance. My Better Half went into detailed explanations that we were husband and wife, had been married for 55 years, etc. I just said, “He’s with me,” and dragged him and his cart along by the elbow to the next aisle.
    You’ve got to keep a sense of humor about things, even if the humor is a tad black, being of the target age for this crazy virus.
    Get out (at your scheduled time)when you can and take a sniff of those roses and dedicate that breath to me!

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    1. Thanks for visiting, Rae; how horrible to be judged so harshly!

      Since l am on lockdown except for my scheduled outing, I guess I should be grateful for the small favor of having fewer options.

      I wonder if our lives will ever be normal again?

      Probably not something to even ponder!

      Stay safe.

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  2. You’ve inspired me to go outside to see if my tulips are peeking out of the earth yet. How nice to know you’ll have beautiful roses outside your window. Re ebooks, I noticed from the beginning that I read ebooks faster than print. Not sure why that is but I’m always grateful for my Kindle. I hope you enjoy your day, Laurel. Yay for coffee 🙂

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  3. Diane

    Pretty pictures of your grounds and your cozy apartment. I’m so happy you shared them. I think we all expected to be reading more than we are; it’s so hard to focus. I’m finding audio books easier during these stressful times. Thank goodness for library downloads.

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