Another week, another morning of coffee and books.  I am already enjoying The Operator, but I have learned, sadly, that a book can start out in a promising way and then turn sour.  This one seems really good so far, though, and looks perfect next to my coffee.

I spent hours yesterday reading Been There, Married That, by Gigi Levangie…and it did start out so well!  I was laughing and eagerly turning pages.  And then, at some point, I found myself in that tricky place where I would read a paragraph or a page and get lost in my thoughts, losing my way in the book and in the story.  That kept happening…and I blamed myself.  I was too distracted, etc.

At 60% into the book, however, I realized that, no, the book was no longer holding my interest.  It wasn’t me, it was the BOOK.  In fact, I was bored!  I faced the truth that it would end up in the DNF pile.

I hate when that happens, especially when I’ve spent hours on a book.

Now some may love this book, and when I finally checked out the reviews, I realized that a few did.  But a handful of others had the same reaction that I had.  Plus, it doesn’t even matter that a few loved it if I hated it and couldn’t wait to put it down.  That’s how it goes sometimes.

All of this leads to my conclusions for the day as I start a new week.  Life is too short, especially in Pandemic times, to waste on books that just aren’t doing it for us.

In fact, my biggest frustration besides books I don’t love…is food delivered to my apartment like room service that is not only cold but disgusting. At times.  Sometimes it’s okay.  They do best with the breakfast foods. 


I made a decision to lift the lids of those cartons in which the food is brought…and check them out!  What are they hiding in those containers?  LOL.  Well, last night’s soupy chicken dish, for one thing.  I should have photographed it!

Since we can’t even leave our apartments to shop, I have been exploring online grocery deliveries, but I have hit a glitch on those.  I am afraid to try them, since the delivery person would have to leave the groceries at the front door for a staff person.  Nobody can enter this facility.  Although they do let in the mailman.  Hmm.  And Amazon.  Has anyone tried Amazon’s grocery fresh items?  I have ordered coffee and tea from them.

Option Two:  turn in a list to the staff person at the front desk, who then gives it to the person who actually goes to the stores and picks out the items.  I did that last week, and it worked great.

This could be a system that needs to work for a long time.  The more I read about how many weeks/months we will have to “shelter in place,” I get a little stir crazy.  But one who optimistically says “back to business by Easter” is, frankly, full of it.  This was, after all, the same guy who said it would “all disappear in the sunshine.”

“Good morning. This is the White House. Press (1) for disinformation about coronavirus testing; press (2) for disinformation about masks and ventilators; or press (3) for all other corona disinformation.”


How are the rest of you hanging?  A day at a time seems the best plan for me, while also having hopes of finding supplies, groceries, etc.  And optimism about finding books and movies that will keep my thoughts away from the disasters around us.



  1. Someone else said that about Been There, Married That so I decided to skip it. I’m glad The Operator is starting out strong.

    My 92 year old aunt is in a facility so we haven’t seen her for a while. I called her on Sunday and she said the same thing about the food there. I hope they all figure things out soon!

    Stay safe!

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    1. Thanks, Kathy, I hope you are hanging in there. I figured out one way of coping with the surprise meals: after I fill out my menu requests, I photograph what I’ve written and check it against what I get. And I check the delivery before they leave my apartment. Accountability! Lol

      I hope your aunt is hanging in there.

      I’m really loving The Operator. Revisiting the 1950s is nostalgic.


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