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As the week comes to an ending, I am happily ensconced in my little apartment, pleased with the two books I read and reviewed, and with six blog posts behind me.  I also have a stocked fridge again…and plans for the week ahead.  On Wednesday I have a routine dental appointment scheduled, and my Thursday takes me back to the hospital for another scan.  After speaking to the Oakland doctor last night, we’ve decided on reviewing them and all my other records on 10/2, at which time we’ll talk about a possible surgery ahead…in the Bay Area.  Could I finally put this medical issue in my rear view mirror?

Just for fun, I changed up another of my blogs:  Curl up and Read…

I’m off coffee today, as I had some issues yesterday…but I am eagerly anticipating my favorite caffeinated drink in the days ahead.  Let’s enjoy some virtual coffee and take a closer look at my week.


Sunday Potpourri:  “Vegging Out,” Etc.

Monday Potpourri:  Whimsical Moments…

Tuesday Potpourri:  Delightful New Books…

Hump Day Reading in September…

Tuesday Excerpts:  “The Nanny”

Coffee Chat:  Looking Back…and Planning Ahead…

Review:  The Favorite Daughter, by Patti Callahan HenryReview:  Seven Letters, by J. P. Monninger – (NG-10/8/19)


One book came in the mailbox!  I also downloaded two e-books.

Ladies Who Punch, by Ramin Setoodeh


The Stranger Inside, by Lisa Unger

“A darkly thrilling tale of survival and obsession. Lisa Unger never disappoints.” —Riley Sager, bestselling author of Lock Every Door

Even good people are drawn to do evil things…


Elevator Pitch, by Linwood Barclay



I am reading (and loving) Without a Doubt, by Marcia Clark…it has been resting comfortably on my Kindle since July 2018.


That was my week…what did yours look like?  Tonight I’m sharing our surprise dessert from the dining room:  Cherry Pie with a scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream.



  1. I’ve discovered Fasting works best for my arthritis. I’ve learnt that the pain and the inflammation are eradicated when you fast. My method of fasting is doing the master cleanse for 10 days although water fasting can be incorporated if it doesn’t make you feel too bad. I am able to walk without pain again and I am so happy about it. No need for drastic surgery is what I’m trying to say.

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  2. Love the look of the cherry pie and ice cream. Would go well with the book I just read The Recipe Box by Viola Shipman. Would be so great t have all your medical needs over and done with. One day not too far off we hope.

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  3. Your flat looks lovely! Glad you’re now all settled in and it looks as though you had a really good reading and blogging week. I hope those medical tests and procedures are soon a distant memory, Laurel and that you have a fabulous week:)

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  4. I do hope you’ll be able to put your health problems behind you Laurel! Being healthy is priceless truly! Anyway I am happy to see that you are finding a new normal and enjoying it! Happy Sunday.

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  5. I hope you’re able to put your medical issues in the rear view mirror and that you feel better soon. The cherry pie looks really good. Do you plan to see the new Downton Abbey movie? I think it looks pretty fun. Have a great week.

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  6. Wow, I always figure I can endure just about anything so long as I can have coffee! Hope you don’t have to go too long without. I have both the Lisa Unger and the Linwood Barclay book on my want-to-read list. They sound like great reads. Also hope all the medical adventures go well for you. And thanks for the blog visit!

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