Welcome to another Coffee Chat, in which we share bookish and not so bookish thoughts.  Head on over to Bookishly Boisterous to add your link.

My week has been full of appointments and activities.  Mani-Pedi on Tuesday, dental appointment yesterday, and more medical testing today.  Today’s test is one of those fasting ones, but just a short fast.  Tea or black coffee are allowed.  So, naturally, I am especially hungry today.  LOL.

  • On Monday I finished reading Without a Doubt, by Marcia Clark.  (Click title for review).
  • Now I’m reading The Stranger Inside, by Lisa Unger.
  • Yesterday two hardcover books came from Amazon:  Queen Meryl, by Erin Carlson; and Inside Out:  A Memoir, by Demi Moore.
  • On Tuesday, after my mani-pedi, I had lunch with Fiona…she had pizza, and I had soup.  Plus a cocktail.

  • I’ve been ordering all kinds of things from Amazon, including tops, books, and household items.  I’ve stuffed my little cubby with some outfits.


That is my week so far.  Soon I will call Lyft for a ride to the hospital for testing.  How is your week shaping up?


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