Welcome to another Coffee Chat, in which we share bookish and not so bookish thoughts.  Head on over to Bookishly Boisterous to add your link.


Moving along, reading and blogging more, and planning ahead for the upcoming surgery (hopefully).  I have a telephone consultation on Friday…and an in-person consult on 10/2 with the Bay Area physicians.  Evenings are pleasant, with Amazon Prime videos and the ongoing saga of Mary Tyler Moore.  However, as much as I loved the show back in the day, I am sometimes annoyed with how “too nice” Mary is…and I really can’t stand Ted Baxter.  LOL.  I’m pretty sure I didn’t like him in the 70s, either.  But I do love seeing the settings, the outfits and the hairstyles, and immersing myself in the memories of that time…nostalgia rules!

  • So far I’ve read and reviewed two books…and written six blog posts. The  books:  The Favorite Daughter, by Patti Callahan Henry; and Seven Letters, by J. P. Monninger (NG-10/8).  (Click titles for reviews).
  • I am currently reading a Marcia Clark book that has been on my Kindle for a while:  Without a Doubt, the story of the O.J. Simpson trial.  In a case that tore America apart, and that continues to haunt us as few events of history have, Marcia Clark emerged as the only true heroine, because she stood for justice, fought the good fight, and fought it well.
  • While visiting blogs this morning, I discovered a new Elizabeth Berg book that will be released on 11/19:  The Confession Club is Book 3, following up on the setting and characters of The Story of Arthur Truluv and Night of Miracles.  Of course I added it to my list.
  • I have a  nice little stack of hardcover books (and paperbacks) to read soon.  Check out how great they look on my nightstand:







  • This week I spent time changing up a couple of my blogs.  Here is my new header at Potpourri.  I feel whimsical now!


That was my week…so far.  What did yours look like?



  1. I had the worst book hang over earlier this week. I finished reading The Bitterest Pill by Reed Farrel Coleman. I think it is the best book in the Jessie Stone series to date yet, as a parent it broke my heart and made me cry especially in the beginning. Coleman is such a great words smith, his descriptions are very sparse yet they still gut you. After that book I have been having trouble settling down to my next read finally I got interested in Stolen Things by R H Heron. I think this might be her debut. I am down to the last quarter of the book unless the ending jumps the shark it should be a really solid B or 4 star rating.

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  2. I saw a blog post about The Confession Club and thought for sure I’d read/reviewed The The Story of Arthur Truluv but couldn’t find it reviewed on my blog or Goodreads, so I plan to read it and the other two books in the series soon.

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