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Every week, I ask myself this same question:  how has the week passed so quickly?  The days seemed to accumulate into huge piles of activities; books, movies, and odds and ends seemed to hold me captive.  I ordered a new Kindle cover for Paige last week…I wanted a different color, and I am loving the merlot.

  • I watched some movies on Prime this week:  Disobedience, with Rachel Weisz and Rachel McAdam;  and Stuck in Love, with Jennifer Connelly and Greg Kinnear.  I also got a DVD of The Wife, with Glenn Close, and watched it as soon as I got home from the mailbox. After I had ordered the DVD, I discovered that it is also available for purchase on Prime.
  • I read and reviewed The Liar’s Room, by Simon Lelic (click title for my review).
  • I am half-finished with The Suspect, by Fiona Barton; I am enjoying it.
  • I stayed home all last weekend, so I went out on Monday to shop.  After I found some new tops and a few other items, I stopped at CPK to have this pea soup with a margarita.

  • One day, I was restless and a little bored, so I did some housework.  That’s how desperate I was.  LOL.  I got over that quickly, though.
  • My granddaughter Aubrey, below right, took a road trip with some friends a couple of weeks ago.  They drove north as far as Seattle.  As university seniors, they are having a little more fun before they have to settle into the post-graduation work grind.


What did your week look like?  Books, movies, or even a road trip?



  1. Oh no, boredom leading to housework! But I do hope what you did looks like its been loved! I marvel at how fast the days go. I have to be outside before 9am because of the heat at present and do chores out there. Total opposite to what most of the USA has, has the cold reached you in California?

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    1. Thanks, Kathryn, and yes, it is cold enough, but nothing like other parts of the country. Some rain, with snow in the mountains.

      I know, how unexpected for boredom to lead to housework. LOL. I do like the way the kitchen floor looks now, though.

      I need to start walking more…or using my exercise bike. Enjoy your sunny weather!

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