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Last Thursday night, I went out for drinks and dinner with my granddaughter Fiona…and the dark thoughts that were following me around last week…dissipated.  What a lovely break!  I had gift cards for The Cheesecake Factory, so I didn’t even have to feel guilty about spending too much money.  Here is a photo, which I also showed in my Weekly Updates…I had Shepherd’s Pie, the treat you see on the bottom of the shot.  Our drinks were Blood Orange Margaritas.

  • I finished watching Season II of Goliath…and now I want another season!
  • I’m still watching The Handmaid’s Tale, Season II…and I was afraid last week would be the final episode of the season….but according to Google, we’ll have more, with the last one coming in July.
  • On Amazon Prime, I watched a movie called LBJ, which I had noticed before but hadn’t seen. Woody Harrelson played President Johnson, and Jennifer Jason Leigh was a very convincing Lady Bird.  They both wore prosthetic devices and the results were very realistic.
  • However…I wasn’t happy with how they portrayed Jack and Bobby Kennedy.  Not at all how I recall them from the 60s.
  • Today I have a dental appointment…they scheduled a series of three that will take me through the summer.  Sigh.
  • Yesterday I made some changes in my living area…just switched some things around:  the wicker loveseat and the pub table.  I like dealing with anxiety and restlessness by moving furniture.  LOL.  Here are a couple of views.

  • I haven’t spent much time with my other granddaughter, Aubrey, but I keep up with her activities.  Here she is enjoying Nature, which I am glad about.  A nice summer is what she needs before school starts again.  She’ll be a college senior in the fall.


So…this week was better than last.  Not that the dark things have vanished, but I am finding ways to distract myself…and surround myself with more positivity.  How has your week been going?




  1. Glad the dark clouds have broken somewhat and you are doing heaps, keeping busy helps. Funny how the Kennedy’s get portrayed sometimes. I must see if I can view the LBJ one on our Netlix. Oh no of course not you said Amazon Prime and I don’t have that. Oh well.

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  2. It’s good to have family near by! Fiona always seems to be there when you need her. That’s a wonderful relationship. I have always wondered…are any other family members readers…the way you are a reader?

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    • Thanks for stopping by, Patty, and Fiona has been close by since birth. Her family lived in my guest house, and when they moved, it was still in the same city. After my son and her mother separated, her mother did a great job of making Fiona available, even including me in her extended family events.

      My older two are readers, although not as much these days due to their busy jobs. My daughter doesn’t like reading (sigh), and my youngest son hasn’t been a reader, although the last time he visited, he seemed more interested in books.

      Fiona used to read…not so much anymore, although I send her books now and then. LOL

      I suspect that their devices control their lives…yikes!


  3. We’ve had a Cheesecake Factory here for a few years and I haven’t made it there yet.

    I had my teeth cleaned last week and have to go back to get a couple cavities filled. 😦

    Your granddaughters are lovely!

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    • Thanks for visiting, Kathy, I had just had my cleaning when they found the cavities. I had one filled this week and another next week. It had been a while since I had cavities, so that’s good.

      I enjoy The Cheesecake Factory, but don’t get there often. It involves the freeway, lol.

      I do love spending time with my granddaughters. Enjoy your weekend.


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