Welcome to another Coffee Chat, linked to Bookishly Boisterous for Bookish/Not So Bookish Thoughts.

  • I’ve read and reviewed two books so far this week, and I’m almost finished with the third one.  They are all fabulous!  Emma in the Night (click titles for reviews) was a great domestic thriller; Sunday Morning Coming Down was probably the last (seventh) installment of the Frieda KIein series; and The Bookshop on the Corner, set in Birmingham and parts of Scotland, is a wonderful story of a librarian without a library.
  • The other day I reprised a review from a favorite author:  A Baby Boomer’s Coming of Age Tale (about Joyce Maynard).
  • Last week, I posted A Young Girl’s interior World:  Excerpting “Web of Tyranny.”
  • My former daughter-in-law (Fiona’s mother) had a great gathering for all of her grown kids…and the grandchildren.  Her oldest son Spencer and his family came all the way from North Dakota.  Here are some of them enjoying the pool:

  • Below, Spencer’s kids from North Dakota:  Twins Lilly and Bella, with Maddix…

  • I was so tired yesterday, and the days before, probably because I scrubbed the floors last weekend (LOL), that I went to sleep at 9 p.m.!  Right after I had watched the recorded Broadchurch.  As a result, I still haven’t watched Younger. 
  • I’ve watched half of Season I of Ozark, and parts of it remind me of Breaking Bad, with the strange and loathsome characters and the morally bent protagonists…doing what they feel they have to do.  I am a Jason Bateman fan, so I’m glued to the show.  Laura Linney plays the wife of Bateman’s character….and I don’t like her character at all.  She sneakily seems to undermine him, sort of like the wife in Breaking Bad.
  • After that whole “floor scrubbing” event, I think it’s time to get another “mani” today, even though I didn’t chip the nails.  I plan to call for an appointment after they open, although you can walk in.  But I like having an appointment.
  • I am ready to change my color again (I have red nails now), and last night I dreamed I got blue ones…not the dark navy blue I have done before, but a slightly lighter shade.  Maybe like these, without the glitter:

  • I often have the weirdest dreams, and what is even stranger…if I get up during the night for the bathroom, and go back to sleep, the dream continues!  As if I had paused a movie.  Odd, right?
  • So now…I’ve had two cups of coffee and I’m ready to resume reading my book about the Scottish librarian…I’m eager to find out what will happen to her after her new landlord sells the property where she is renting a cute little cottage….


What is happening in your world, interior or exterior?



  1. karend2007

    You certainly seem busy! Which series of ‘Broadchurch’ are you watching? I LOVED the first series, thought the 2nd was quite good and saw one episode of the third. I really should find series 3 on catch up!

    Liked by 1 person

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