Welcome to another Coffee Morning…and thoughts about Bookish/Not So Bookish things.  Check in over at Bookishly Boisterous to find other posts.

  • When I re-read last week’s post, I could see that I am still struggling with some of the same issues:  trying to find the perfect TV for my office, a small room; and the skin condition.
  • A TV was delivered last Saturday, and it was way too big for the space!  Yes, I had measured, but somehow, some extra legs at the ends of the TV made all the difference.  I sent it back.
  • Today I’m going to a different store…and hope to finally find something.
  • As for my allergic reaction:  I went to the doctor on Tuesday, and she prescribed a topical cream that is stronger…and seems to be making inroads.  The itching has diminished to almost zero.
  • It is boring to have the same struggles week after week!  But my reading has been okay so far.  I read and reviewed How It All Began , which I enjoyed; and The Breakdown, which was amazing.  Currently I am reading It’s Always the Husband.
  • On Netflix, I started watching Season 5 of House of Cards.
  • In the month of May, I read and reviewed 16 books, my highest total since January.  My favorite book of the month:

  The Night the Lights Went Out


  • There were several really awesome contenders for the month, but I loved the characters, the settings, and the plot.  Here’s a tidbit:

Secrets are a core theme in The Night the Lights Went Out, and we have a couple of the characters that share some of their secrets, a bit at a time, as alternating narrators. Sugar, the ninety-something matriarch is technically Merilee’s landlord, but as time and secret-sharing bring them closer together, we see that a very strong bond is forming.

I loved Sugar, who reminded me of my feisty grandmothers. And like them, she knew how to hold a secret close…until its revelation would strengthen a friendship or save a life…

Alternating with Sugar and Merilee’s narratives are blog posts from an anonymous source, entitled “Your Neighbor.” A site that seems like a gossip fest soon reveals itself for its tidbits of wisdom, including Southern Sayings, interpreted for those who are new to them.

This intense story turned dark and threatening and kept me turning pages until the startling revelations and the delightful denouement, thus earning 5 stars.


So….that’s my week so far.  I’m so glad that the books have kept me distracted from the rest of my life!  LOL.

What did your week look like?



  1. I am so sorry about that skin issue…have you decided what to do about color? Can you go through this again? It’s funny because your fave book was my least fave one…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, Patty, and the color will have to be organic/hypoallergenic….or no color at all. I definitely don’t want to go through this again!

      Yes, there were a lot of books I enjoyed a lot in May…I’m not sure why the Karen White resonated so much with me, but it did.

      Enjoy your week!


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