June 6 office nook

Good morning!  Mondays are great days for those who live the free-lance/post retirement life, and today I feel especially celebratory as I enjoy my new “digs.”  Yes, my newly reconfigured office nook.

You might have seen my post last week about all the furniture shuffling I did.  How did it all begin?  Well, I wanted to set up another small table near my living room/dining room window, and since I didn’t want to buy anything else, I moved a few things around.  Yes, the drop leaf table that had been serving as my desk took up residence here:



June 5 - table, etc.

And the little rolltop desk that had been in my bedroom now lives in my office nook (see top photo).

Of course, a few more things shuffled around in order to fill in the spaces. 


Last night, I settled into my newly reconfigured bedroom space to watch the first in a series of DVDs that make up the Peyton Place series that I just bought.



June 3 bedroom changes - 1





I finished the first disc, and then went to sleep.  I was extremely tired yesterday, for some reason, and only watched a couple of episodes of Revenge on Netflix before settling down to Peyton Place.

One thing I noticed about the old series that I so enjoyed in the 60s….the music is really LOUD, so I found myself muting that part…just in case my neighbors could hear it through the wall.


Today I’m reading I Let You Go, a book I’ve been seeing on lots of blogs.





Tonight I am happy that Rizzoli & Isles is back on the TV line-up.  The hiatus seemed to be TOO LONG.  But, sadly, this will be the FINAL SEASON.





So…what does your Monday look like?  Special shows, fun moments?  Here is what I had for lunch yesterday.



June 5 - mac & cheese, salad, martini




Please leave your thoughts. Comments, not awards, feed my soul. Thanks!

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