Good morning!  As the weekend approaches, I am pondering what lies ahead, while sipping my coffee from the mug pictured above.  A favorite that I reclaimed a few months ago.  It was hidden behind many other items in my overcrowded cupboards.

Yes, despite all of my purging, there are still many places in my space that are less than organized.

As I was studying Facebook to see what activities are around for the weekend, I noticed that our little adjacent village of Clovis is having a Craft Beer Crawl.  Yes, it sounds great for those who love beer, but I prefer wine, thank you.

But I am sentimental, and my eldest son, who now lives in Prague (after several years in Berlin) is a beer aficionado.  Here is evidence of this beer love.  (The large beer below is his, not hers. lol).  This photo was captured when Craig and Gabi visited us this past summer.



a last lunch in sept


He and Gabi are off to Amsterdam this coming week, so I look forward to more pictures of their adventures.

Meanwhile, here at home, with me not attending the Beer festival, I found some lovely photos of grandchildren. Yes, those young adults are growing older by the minute.  Here is my second son, Brett, with his two sons, who both have significant birthdays this month.  The “little” guy in the middle, Aaron, turns 18; and the dude on the right, my first born grandson, turns 21.



Brett and sons in March



Here is Aaron in his cap and gown, with sister Aubrey, left, and a friend.  Aubrey just finished her freshman college year in San Diego:



graduation for Aaron, with Aubrey and friend


Here is Fiona, my other granddaughter, in a moody looking photo:



fiona in may - 2


A complete segue, now, to the Strawberry Margarita I enjoyed at lunch on Tuesday:



531 margarita


What does your interior world look like today?  Weekend plans?  Enjoy!


This post is linked to West Metro Mommy Reads, for Saturday Snapshots.



Books & fairytales - may 16



  1. Thanks for sharing your photos and thoughts for the weekend. I hope you have a great one. Rain is on our horizon, but Sun. is my B-Day, so we are going out in the storm to Red Robin, a tradition started a long time ago when with their rewards program, they offer a free burger for your birthday. They still continue the program, although I don’t know if they still offer it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, Pat, and I love Red Robin, which reminds me that I haven’t gone in quite a while. And there is one right around the corner, like a lot of my favorite places. Happy birthday, and have fun celebrating it.


    • Yes, they are full of angst, aren’t they, Loreen? If only they could see ahead and realize that they have it good in their younger years. Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy your weekend.


  2. We have rain today and since we are off to the beach next week we are laying low this weekend…but I don’t mind that at all. That’s why a second house is perfect for me…I can empty out all of my cupboards!

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  3. I really love your reading mug, nice to find a formerly beloved item hiding away to be re established. Awesome grandchildren photos. Ah I am sitting where it is cold and the margarita makes me feel colder!

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  4. Love the grandchildren pics – so wonderful to watch them grow from little ones to adults. I’m relaxing today after throwing a family party last night for hubby’s birthday. I’m exhausted and hope to read on the couch 🙂

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  5. I love seeing your pictures of your grands. Don’t they grow up so fast? We had two of ours here last weekend. See my post here . Hope you find something fun to do this weekend, it is finally going to be warm here and we are going out to dinner to celebrate our 52nd anniversary!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Congrats on 52 years together! That is amazing….and have a wonderful dinner.

      I am constantly amazed at my now grown grandchildren…which means that I need to be grown-up too! lol

      Thanks for stopping by, Judy, and have a great weekend.


    • Thanks, Arti, and that “little” graduate is 6’6″! He is the youngest of my son’s kids, and he is even taller than his uncle, who is 6’5″ and held the tallness crown until now.


  6. A Craft Beer Crawl sounds fun, although as I get older maybe I’d be better off with wine too lol. Maybe my pub crawling days are behind? Great pics, looks like you have a wonderful family. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, pub crawling takes a lot more energy these days, lol; I found out how much when I traipsed all over this same town, going to shops and pubs, when my eldest son and DIL were here last summer!

      Thanks for stopping by, Greg, and I think I’ll stay inside, since it’s triple digits today, and sip a little wine. Thanks for stopping by.


    • I know that my eldest son would love it…but he is on his way to Amsterdam right now…and they’re living in Prague. Having whatever beer is over there.

      Thanks for stopping by, Nise, and I can’t believe my grandchildren are mostly all grown up. It seems like they were babies just the other day….sigh.

      But, of course, the grown-up versions are fun to hang out with.


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