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Life takes us on a variety of journeys, and for bloggers, sometimes that journey is all about our adventures in the blogging world.

As some of you know, I have eleven blogs, but perhaps you don’t know what a convoluted journey I have taken to arrive at that number, and what the evolution has looked like along the way.

Elizabeth, at Thoughts from an Evil Overlord, posed a question the other day about my blogging journey, the themes of my various blogs and how I arrived at this place.  So, of course, I had to take on the challenge.

As a matter of fact, I have a page at Potpourri: My Blogging Journey, devoted to that process, and if you go blind from reading about it, hopefully you can see how each blog came about, and how the earlier versions morphed into what I have now.  And why I changed my mind when I arrived at twenty blogs, reducing the numbers and my focus.

All of this reminds me of how much fun I have with blogging, and how, even when the journey has taken me to some ridiculous places, I still ended up enjoying the ride.


What has your blogging journey looked like?  Has it been a smooth or tumultuous ride?  Are you satisfied with where you are now?


Bloggiesta is coming…and I plan to make some changes, but I won’t be adding any more blogs, or changing any of the blog names…at least I don’t think so.






  1. I am a person who finds one blog…enough…why wouldn’t your life be simplified if you said all you want to say in one blog? Unless you just truly love every blog…do you ever want to consolidate your blogs the way you are doing with your house? So curious about these 11 blogs…


    • Ah, Patty, I downsized my blogs from 20….and no, I don’t NEED this many, but I enjoy playing with the themes and the look of them…even though most of what I have to say is on my top five sites.

      They can’t really be consolidated at this point, without a lot of work changing links to my reviews, which are scattered throughout those top sites….I went through all that when I moved Rainy Days and Mondays from Blogger to Word Press. It was an exhausting task…LOL.


  2. When I first started blogging in 2008, I had many themes that could easily have been split into at least 3 blogs and I would have loved to have the chance to play around with the looks of each. Now that I concentrate on books I feel like I am breaking a rule if I write about something else, but I don’t want another blog because then I’d feel obliged to post all the time on that topic, doubling my work.


    • Thanks for stopping by, Elizabeth; hope you enjoyed the very long and meandering journey…LOL. I really focus on the top five of my blogs most of the time; in fact, some of the minor blogs haven’t seen me in a while.


  3. I forgot to say that I love your Corn Flakes mug; it reminds me of my Campbell’s soup mug. I stopped using it because it has gold edging and I can’t put it in the microwave, but with the Keurig that doesn’t matter, so out of storage it is coming!


    • Thanks, Elizabeth, I love it too! I use it and the matching bowl in the morning and when my granddaughter comes over. I am afraid it will break, and I can’t find replacements, as I got them on a close-out sale at a furniture store.

      I have a set of four: mugs, bowls, and salad plates. They are arranged in a glass-fronted cupboard, so I can see them all the time.

      I had a set of those Campbell’s soup mugs for a while, but gave them to my daughter.


  4. I used to have a blog for memes, one for photos, and one for general posts. I finally got tired of posting on 3 so I deleted all but one. That was before I started reviewing books.


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