She’s my roommate.

I know how she takes her tea, how she organizes her closet.

I know when she goes to bed each night, what she eats for breakfast, the passcode on her phone.

I know she calls her mother on Mondays, takes barre on Thursdays, and meets her friends for drinks on Fridays.

But more important than any of that … I know what she did.


My Thoughts: The Perfect Roommate is the kind of story that hints at perfection and total compatibility between the two roommates, Lauren and Meadow, but with every page, you sense that drama and darkness are just around the corner.

When Lauren starts giving Meadow some of her clothes and talks her into a hairstyle that mimics her own, I could almost hear the music from “Single White Female,” and I knew we were in for some intense moments ahead.

I wasn’t sure how it would all unfold, but I thought I had it figured out several times over before it started to come together in a way I hadn’t anticipated.

The author’s style kept me rapidly turning pages, and then, just when I thought every last lie and dramatic point had finally revealed themselves, there were teasers ahead for another tempting situation. The story ends with an epilogue that could be a happy ending…or a set-up for more drama. I thoroughly enjoyed this tale, although the ending did feel a bit anti-climactic. 4.5 stars.***


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