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How is it Thursday already?  It was Monday…and then I looked up and here we are.   This week has brought lots of tears from a special TV show.  In the episode following the Superbowl, This Is Us showed how Jack died, and then Tuesday night’s episode gave us more sad moments with one of my favorite TV families.  Of course I love the show and the characters, but Jack is my favorite…followed by Kevin.  I’m not crazy about Randall’s wife, though…or even Rebecca, the matriarch…but after these two shows, I felt connected to her for the first time.

  • Do you watch the show?  What do you think?
  • My reading has been good…not a lot of books (only two so far), but they were totally engaging:  Exposed, by Lisa Scottoline (click for my review); and The Wife, by Alafair Burke (click!).
  • I am currently reading Here We Lie, by Paula Treick DeBoard

  • Does anyone subscribe to CBS All Access?  I signed up for it last season, just so I could watch The Good Fight…and I loved being able to enjoy the streaming episodes.  It is returning for another season on March 4.  I always loved The Good Wife, and some of the characters from that show are in this one.

  • Lately I am sleeping later in the mornings (7:30 or 8:00)…and taking a nap midday.  Why?  Maybe I am trying to escape something?  Do you sleep more to escape?
  • On Netflix, I finished Mindhunter...and loved it.  I want more!
  • On Amazon Prime, I watched Wonder.  I hadn’t seen it in the theater…I’m not sure why.  But it was another totally engaging movie.
  • On Tuesday, I went shopping…and then stopped at Mimi’s for the French Pot Roast…again.  Yum.  While I was there, a woman about my age was sitting at a table nearby (the restaurant was almost empty, so conversation was possible), asking what I was reading (The Wife).  She then talked about a book club she belongs to in a neighboring village, near the library, sponsored by the Sisters in Crime organization.  I took down the information.  Remember how I’ve been trying to find a book club?
  • By the way, here’s the roast again…

  • So…maybe I will try this book club.  The first two books are cozy mysteries I have not yet read.
  • Even as I’m excited at the possibilities, I already feel myself shrinking away from it.  Why do I do that?  Oh, yeah, I love how online bookish conversations are safe…and I can participate while in my PJs.  LOL.
  • But the whole point of my One Word CONNECT is to get out of my comfort zone…and into REAL LIFE connections.
  • However, I am swept back to the 1970s and a book club that turned creepy.  By the end, several of the people were moving out of the neighborhood.  Does this sound like something you might find in a mystery novel?  It’s a story I actually wrote (it is on my Authors Den site), which I embellished into something fictional, with enough truth to be a constant reminder of those times: Echoes of the Past.
  • Not something I need to worry about these days, however.  LOL


So…that’s my rather strange week.  How did yours go?




  1. We just started watching This Is Us. Can you believe I just learned of it during the SuperBowl when we were with friends who love the show? We just watched S1E2 last night and will continue to watch until we catch up. It’s hard starting now because we keep seeing spoilers since the show is so popular. We are enjoying it thus far.

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  2. I used to watch This is Us. I just fell out of the habit on the first Thanksgiving episode. I have a weird relationship with emotional shows. The previews for the SuperBowl make me want to start watching again. I think they spoilered themselves, but if it is how I think he died, that only furthers why the children have him on this pedestal. He was already a pretty amazing character.

    I saw Wonder in theaters and thought it was good. I still need to read the book (it’s sitting on my daughter’s bookshelf, as it was required reading for her last school year) to do a comparison.

    I’ve been napping midday… but that’s because I’m not getting enough sleep. ^^;

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    1. Thanks for visiting, Shannon, and I am also curious about Wonder, the book. Although I sometimes don’t bother with the book once I’ve watched the movie, especially if the movie is very good.

      I’m in the minority, but some movies are better than the books…for me. Like The Help.

      Enjoy your week!


  3. Patty

    Well…you had an interesting week…you could try the book club…I dont think that I am a book club person because I would be impatient with people’s thoughts about books if they disagreed with me! Not very fair of me…that’s for certain. I finished two books this week but I am debating over what to start next…I have started three totally different books and I am still not sure what I am in the mood for.

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    1. My book club experiences have not been great…and I hated when people thought they “went deeper” and knew more about the author’s intentions…LOL.

      Thanks for visiting, Patty, and I might give the book club a try…it’s not like I’d have to stay with it.


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