June 3 - office changes -croppedes - 2



June 6 office nook


Good morning, and welcome to my Interior World.  Above, note two versions of my little office space:  one with my laptop closed so you can see the little nooks and crannies of my roll top desk, which now highlights that reconfigured space.

With the laptop open, you see that I’m ready to go, coffee on hand, eager to see what is happening in my world outside this space.

First off, I visit my e-mails.  My Yahoo site is the one I click to right away, primarily because my browser opens to My Yahoo, where I have bookmarks of various places I visit in the morning.

Usually I can dispense with the e-mails here fairly quickly, except that Yahoo doesn’t have a clue!  You’d think that after I label something “spam” for weeks on end, they would realize.  But no, every day I have to go through and click on those annoying product requests that have nothing to do with me…stash them in the spam folder, and then empty it.

Okay…done!  But not quite.  Now there is an ad that appears almost immediately after the spam folder is empty…with blaring tones.  I can’t click out of it fast enough.  Very jarring, so now, no matter how much of my coffee I have had, I am in a very tense mood.





Feeling quite jittery, I now click over to my g-mail site, and relax.  A little.  There are still a few spam items here, but mostly they are already in the folder.

A few months ago, I learned a lesson:  do not believe everything Google tells me about my trash folder.  It clearly states at the top of the folder that after 30 days, the items will be automatically deleted.  SO NOT TRUE!

Which I discovered when I was investigating why my e-mail was so slow to upload.  I had literally pages and pages and PAGES of undeleted mail.  I kid you not, it took hours to delete them all.

Now I obsessively delete trash after I am ready to close down the mail each time I visit.


Does my overly compulsive mind need more to obsess about?  LOL


Now…speaking of changes.  I went to my trusty PicMonkey site yesterday, and couldn’t get in!  Even though the site showed that I was logged in.  I changed my password six times….and finally, in I go.

But the site looked different.  It took a while to figure out how to navigate…but eventually, I did.  But why, if something is working, must it change?


Some of you remember the kerfuffle arising from the Word Press “new and improved posting experience” that came a while ago.  Beep, Beep, Boop, etc.  Some of us found a way around it all, via the dashboard (SHHH!).

But occasionally I find myself in the “improved” version by accident, and my blood pressure zooms upward.



images for elevated blood pressure


Now here’s a conundrum.  I’ve been going on and on about CHANGES that disturb me, and you might conclude that I don’t like change.  But you know that I am always changing up my interiors, my blogs, etc.  So what do you conclude from these conflicting ideas?


Something to ponder.

How do you feel about change?  Does it disturb you?  Do you enjoy changes sometimes?  Under what circumstances?


Enjoy your ever-changing world.





  1. I hate last minute changes to my schedule. I like to make a sched for the week and stick to it. Unfortunately, most service opportunities aren’t something that can be scheduled a week in advance. I always says yes if I can, but I feel grumbly about it.

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