It is time to inventory my TBR books!  In the photo above, on the trunk and the top shelf of the bookcase to the far right, are my unread physical books.

That doesn’t look too bad, right?

Well, it is deceptive, of course, since I have a lot of e-books.  So I went to my trusty pages over at Curl up and Read, and this is what I discovered:


Books Purchased in 2014:           154

Books Read from this Stack:       105

Books Still Unread:                         49


Books Purchased in 2015 so far:   82

Books Read from this Stack:          38

Books Still Unread:                            44


I am currently reading Cop Town from the 2014 stack…and hope to read three more of those books next week. 








What do these stats tell me?  That I purchase way more books than I can read?  Or that I am just a bookaholic, with no particular cure in sight.  LOL.

What do your stacks look like?  What plans, if any, do you have to whittle away at them?





  1. Only time will help me get through that infinite amount of TBR books waiting on my bookshelf. You have some interesting books waiting after you though. That’s definitely a good thing ! 😀

    – Lashaan


  2. I have read all the hardback and paperbooks I still have. My ebooks is a lot. I have 38 ARc from Netgalley to read and about 10 from other sources I promise to read and review. I have ebooks I thought I wanted to read at once that I forgotten that I brought them. One is Betty Webb and she is a favorite author. My blog this week has 6 ARC RELEASED last Tueday and 4 other books I read this week today. They keep coming.


  3. Patty

    I have never ever thought I could ever finish my stacks of books…I just keep reading away and acquiring more…that’s my philosophy! I don’t even want to count them! I am perfectly happy living in book chaos and book oblivion!


    1. I did have that philosophy, Patty, and then when I moved here and had to box the unread ones separately from the rest, I realized that I had to find some control…for my sanity. As you know, I’m a bit obsessive/compulsive. LOL

      But before then, it was fun to just go with the flow.


  4. I think you are doing quite well actually, my stats of reading is a little below yours, although haven’t counted up what I’ve bought, I should do that. For 2016 I am setting up a reading challenge for myself and anyone who wants to join me to read the books I bought from mid 2015 into 2016. As you know I can’t see too much wrong with buying books.


    1. Great idea, Kathryn…when I set up my Curl up and Read blog, I created pages for Books Purchased, Books Read, and Review Books…for each year.

      After a while, I deleted the old pages from 2010-2013, as I still had reviews of the books on Goodreads.

      Thanks for stopping by.


  5. I recently had a birthday, and had such mixed feelings about getting new books – delight, and horror – oh no, more to read. But I agree, getting through them is what is awesome. Nice post.

    I loved Cop Town, and The Lake House. Always good to find a blog with similar books to the ones I’ve recently read. Thanks.


    1. Thanks for stopping by, Bev, and I’m glad you found similar book tastes here. Even though I rue the toppling stacks, I must admit to always being happy to get more. Happy recent birthday! I had one recently, too.


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