It has been a while since I have chosen a new One Word, but I think 2021 is the perfect year to select this new one.  HOPE is a symbol of good things, which we all need in this New Year.

HOPE is wishing and dreaming for good things, especially in dark times like we have had in 2020.  As we begin 2021, we can “cherish a desire with anticipation : to want something to happen or be true.”

Is it too much to wish for good things after the year we have had?  I suspect that just the act of hoping can bring about good things.

What do you wish and long for?  Do you have hope for a better year?

After I chose this word and wrote the post, I realized that I had used the same word back in 2016!  Back then, we were starting a four year journey that would be destined to suck all the hope from our souls.  We are now on a different journey, and I truly believe in the changes ahead.


What is your One Word for the year?


8 thoughts on “ONE WORD: HOPE…

  1. Hope is a great word. I keep it in mind almost every day of my life for several years now as life has presented many challenges.
    I’m always looking towards a better life to come in the not too distant future (a biblical hope). 🙂

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