When a Park Slope psychiatrist, Helen Brunswick, is murdered in her office, some similarities seem to exist between the killer’s MO and that of a convicted murderer serving time in prison. And as a result, an attorney known as a media hound, Linda Moreland, has taken on the case of trying to free that man, Anthony Amaro, after receiving an anonymous letter spelling out those similarities and suggesting that Anthony was wrongly convicted.

Carrie Blank has taken on the job of associate on Moreland’s team, which means that she will be forced to return to her home town of Utica, where five of the murders took place. Will there be a conflict for her, since once of the victims was her half-sister Donna? And will her close connections to the Police Chief there, and with his son, prove problematic for her?

Ellie Hatcher and J. J. Rogan, detectives for the NYPD, are assigned as the “Fresh Look” team that will try to prevent Amaro’s release from prison on wrongful conviction grounds. And since he was only convicted, after a guilty plea on his part, of one of the murders, will they be able to find out who killed the others? And, if not Anthony, who?

So much of the story of All Day and a Night: A Novel of Suspense (Ellie Hatcher) hangs on a race between the parties to prove or disprove events and to knock holes or substantiate facts in the original case. Why do anonymous letters keep showing up, pointing the detectives toward certain individuals? Why does the head of the Utica PD, Will Sullivan, seem less than thrilled with the upheaval? And what, if anything, connects Joseph Flaherty, a disturbed resident of the town, with what happened in the past and what is happening now?

The story was a twisted page turner that held my interest throughout, although there were more than enough “huh?” moments to make me question some of the theories and actions of the police and attorneys. However, the final reveals were satisfying and made the book an enjoyable read. 4.0 stars.


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