On a Wednesday afternoon in London, a woman lies dead. She is discovered by her pre-adolescent daughter, and soon the street is teeming with police cars.

In another part of London, psychotherapist Frieda Klein is still recovering from her near-death experiences at her last case. No longer a part of the police team in murder investigations, she is at loose ends. Trying to restore her once orderly life.

But in the wake of the murder, which has somehow spilled over into her life via her niece Chloe, and because of her old friend Josef, who is determined to renovate her bathroom, Frieda’s life is very far from orderly. Chaos reigns and suddenly she is compulsively following up on old cases involving missing persons. And sorting out the detritus caused by another psychotherapist who has some animosity for her.

Frieda is the kind of character that hooked me from the very first book. She is quirky, compulsive, and has her obsessive habits that make her seem like someone I could know. A friend or colleague.

What, if anything, do the murders have to do with the missing persons? How does an evil person from Frieda’s past figure into events that are unfolding? Will she sort through the clues that are presented to figure out the mysterious connections? And will she finally find the peace and order she longs for?

The ending brought resolution to some of the questions, but more loose threads remain.

Waiting for Wednesday: A Frieda Klein Mystery (Freida Klein) is the third compelling book in the Frieda Klein series, and I am eager to dive into the next one. 5.0 stars.


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