The time has come!  I wrote about it in A Book Reviewer’s Journey, when I knew that I was approaching the 1000 mark of Amazon reviews.

And now, finally, the stats are in, and I feel like I am crossing into another part of this journey.  You can read my reviews in total on my Amazon Profile Page.

I first started reviewing there (and on Goodreads) in 2008, so since the years do fly by, I knew that, at some point, I could mark this pivotal moment with numbers.

My reviews there are also numerous….and now that I’ve taken a moment to mark the passage, let’s move on.

Do you find yourself celebrating your passage as a book reviewer?  Do you review all the books you read, or just some?  What started this journey for you?


When I think of journeys, I often think of Planes, Trains and Automobiles.  Remember that movie from back in the day?  I like trains.  They are romantic and offer opportunities you can’t get on a plane.

The last time I was on a train was in the Napa Valley four years ago.  It was the Wine Train, pictured above.  I took the picture below to showcase the gorgeous lunch.


Now…back to my reviewer’s journey:

Here are my stats:

Your reviewing stats
Reviews written: 1,000

Reviewer rank: 658
Helpful votes: 2,574 of 3,085

20 thoughts on “1,000 AMAZON REVIEWS!

  1. Wow that is a great number to reach. I’ve just gone and checked mine out and at 460 I’m a long way behind you. I started my reviewing habit on Amazon in 2010 firstly with books I loved and then as a way of tracking what I’d read. Congratulations!


  2. Im intrigued by the Amazon review activity i’ve seen a few bloggers mention. Do you just post the same review that you put on your blog or do you write something specifically for Amazon? Do you review only books you bought via them?


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