When Maureen O’Donnell is just about to end her affair with Douglas Brady, her therapist boyfriend, he is found murdered and tied up in her flat. She is the prime suspect, despite her alibi during the time period estimated.

An incest survivor, Maureen has been a patient at a psychiatric hospital. Her experiences have made her less than credible, but then others seemingly have set out to frame her as well.

With no other option, Maureen and her pal Leslie set out to uncover the identity of the killer. Along the way, they realize that another heinous set of crimes is at the root of the murder, compounding the motivations and the path leading to the killer.

What does Maureen uncover as she tries to figure out what happened to Douglas? How do her family members add to the quandary she is in? And how will the police who are dogging her footsteps suddenly become her allies?

Almost immediately, I felt as though Maureen could have been someone I knew. Perhaps even a friend or family member. She was so richly drawn, and I felt as though I hovered nearby as she very carefully uncovered the necessary clues and then set out to bait the killer.

An intensely compelling read, Garnethill, by Denise Mina, is the first novel in a trilogy; I can’t wait to read the rest. I definitely awarded this book five stars.


  1. I hate to say the same thing on yet another book you reviewed, Laurel, but I have to: this sounds intriguing. Truly. I’m a bit concerned about the suspense and it keeping up late at night and/or looking twice behind every door, though. How does it fare along those lines?


    1. Oh, a bit nerve-racking, Kimberly! The author was so good about bringing the reader into the midst of the action that I almost felt as though I were sneaking around with the character, hiding from the enemies (whoever they might be!). That was the best part. I wasn’t sure WHO the enemy was until the very end.

      Thanks for stopping by.



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