Lindsey Haynes’ father once gave her a snow globe with the note: “Unsure where to go? Give a little shake … and your heart will always know.” On a whim, those words lead her to the quaint New England town of Addison. It’s a place straight out of a storybook with its twinkling town green, decorated Main Street, and secluded lakeside cabin community.

But an encounter with a dejected doctor named Greg Davis turns Lindsey’s days upside down, much like a snow globe in motion. With a little nudge from endearing townsfolk, and a few chance meetings of their own, a magical flurry of emotions suddenly swirls around them.

First Flurries is an enchanting story about finding love and home when you’re not even looking. So cozy up and settle in with a tale that will simply capture your holiday heart.



My Thoughts: Beginning with the magical flurries that surrounded the characters in First Flurries, I was wrapped up in the setting and the moments with the characters.

As with all books by this author, I felt immediately connected to the characters, watching from close by as Lindsey settled into Addison with her Tiny House hooked up to her SUV, her Vagabond Vintage Shop enclosed within. The first collision occurred while backing up her bulky vehicle, distracted by an announcement on the radio, and as she connected with a sedan, incidentally belonging to Dr. Greg Davis, from that point on, many subsequent collisions would lead the couple to a strange and almost inevitable connection.

But both were fighting their feelings. Greg had an unfortunate history of love connections not quite “getting off the ground,” and Lindsey was constantly moving on to her next destination. Would the magic of the country village during the holidays lead to something more? Or were the two of them destined to hit and miss? This book was one that kept me smiling and wishing for the two of them, and earned 5 stars.