books-fairytales-may-16-shapedGood morning, bloggers!  I’m having my first cup of coffee while chatting today…please join me, and also check out Christine’s Bookish (and Not So Bookish) Thoughts.

  • A couple of weeks ago, I received a jury summons for this week.  I was annoyed, but I thought it would be the usual calling in at night and being told to call again the next evening.  Well, not so much.  I was supposed to appear at 8:30 yesterday!  And I had plans yesterday…and today.  So I stayed on the line and went through the menu…finding the one where I could postpone it for up to nine months.  So I did.  What a relief!
  • I went ahead with my massage and hair styling yesterday at my daughter’s salon.  She put a little more of the silver on my hair, with the dark low lights.  She took a photo of the back when she was finished.   I was ready to change from being a redhead for all these years…



  • Today I sign my tax forms and the accountant files them.
  • Yesterday I did some changes with my lamps.  I had a rather chunky lamp on my rolltop desk, in my office nook, and I decided (finally) that it was too big…so I switched things around, with that lamp ending out behind the sofa…




  • My smaller lamp now sits atop the desk….



  • I am determined to make additional changes in my lifestyle, including more exercise.  I have that stationary bike for the days that are rainy…and I guess I can’t seriously believe that changing lamps and furniture around counts as exercise!  So move over Minnie, I’m coming in!







  • I hope to read a lot today…until I have to leave to sign the tax forms, which can be late afternoon.
  • It’s Thursday, and I love the lineup on nighttime TV!  TGIT!
  • But why do the weeks fly by?  I really haven’t managed to accomplish a lot, although I have finished two books so far.  But seriously?
  • In a little over a month (April 1), we’ll be headed to Cayucos for my daughter’s beach wedding…and before then, I have to find an outfit.  I hate clothes shopping…but I guess it must be done.
  • At least I’ve reserved my hotel room for two nights.  We’ll head up on Friday, stay the night, and the wedding will be at 1:00 in the afternoon.  Then dinner, a bonfire on the beach, and the next day…home.  The reception will be back here, at my daughter’s new brother-in-law’s home.  Since it’s her second marriage, I have had little to do with the arrangements…and that’s fine by me.  I can be a guest and enjoy the party.   Plus, the in-laws have bigger houses…LOL.
  • Speaking of time, we’ll be going to daylight savings in March!  When did it stop being in April?
  • So…tick-tock.


And these are my thoughts for this Thursday.  Enjoy the rest of the week…and come on by and chat!




18404093Talented Savannah florist Cara Kryzik has taken over the business of her former boss, and even though her new business is flourishing with wonderful referrals, a series of expenses have created challenges for her. Especially with her controlling father, the Colonel, who lent her money in the beginning, now demanding to be repaid.

Cara manages to keep juggling the various obstacles and to concentrate on a very promising new client that could put her business in the black. But will the competitive designer on the other side of town who seems to be sabotaging her at every turn keep her from achieving her goals? And what about the conflicts between the bride and her stepmother that could threaten the beautiful wedding they hope for? Could something deeper and more damaging ruin everything for the bride, for Cara, and her dreams? And how will Cara’s prize assistant seem to derail their teamwork as the big day approaches?

Save the Date has pages of interesting scenarios and conflicts, as well as characters that kept the story moving along. As we near the end, it is impossible to put this book down, as even though the storyline could be a bit predictable at times, the challenges were unique enough that I could not be sure how everything would sort itself out. And the characters, like Cara, her assistant Bert, and a potential love interest named Jack Finnerty, were fun and likeable. I was rooting for them, and holding my breath, hoping that the saboteurs would not win.

And throughout, I loved the descriptions of the flowers and the weddings, along with the delightful antics of two look-alike dogs that were, in many ways, matchmakers for Cara and Jack. With a breathtaking ending, this was a truly satisfying read. 4.5 stars.