I love Fall, so the arrival of September is a joyous thing for me.  However, the warm weather here will continue until October, at least.

My eldest son and DIL are planning to return some time this month…and I’ve been rearranging my interiors again for more space.  Notice the photo above:  I moved a couple of cabinets around.  I realized how small my living area is with several people moving around, especially in the mornings and at dinner time.

I swapped the yellow cabinet (above) with the burgundy one (below)…and I moved the green cupboard onto the back wall…allowing me to push the table over a bit.




It doesn’t seem like a big difference, but in the end, it is more spacious.

While I was at it, I also rearranged my coffee table.  I took some things off the top and placed them below the table.  Note the wooden box:  it is on the shelf below now, and in it, I stash remotes, etc.


a cup of joe on a Sunday- before


Here is the table cleared off:





These are minor changes, but I feel less cluttered and with more open spaces.


My evenings are spent reading, preparing for the return of my house guests, and bingeing on Mad Men, on Netflix.  This is a show I somehow missed along the way, but I’m loving it.




I had heard about the show, over the years, but was surprised to discover that the era was the 1960s.  That, alone, should have drawn me in.

I’m glad to have discovered it now…and to find myself connecting with the women characters and their roles in life back then.  Before everything started to change.

I am a bit nostalgic, while still being glad to have left that era behind.


What is your interior world like this week?  Do you have favorite shows that resonate with you?  Are you making small changes in your surroundings?  In your reading?