What if your whole life you felt like an appendage to others in your family? What if the world seemed to center around your older brother, a New Age guru with millions of fans, and you were simply a wallflower in your own life?

Deirdre Griffin’s life takes an unexpected turn one day when she decides she has had it with living her life as her brother Tag’s Personal Assistant, the one who arranges everything about his life and his career, the one who helps keep his egocentric world on track.

Watching how Deirdre’s life starts to bloom when she takes on a challenge at Dancing with the Stars is wonderfully thrilling. I loved Deirdre’s voice and enjoyed her transformation, especially the parts where she came to several realizations about the choices she could make.

The sibling rivalries felt so real, as many families have at least one dominant personality that seemingly controls the dynamics. Tag seemed like a totally narcissistic person, and I really did not like him. Even his apologies felt self-serving.

But Deirdre was a character I could root for, and therefore, I recommend Wallflower in Bloom for anyone who enjoys challenging journeys. Five stars.