A story that features psychic/paranormal energy, the power within crystals, and family legacies, Copper Beach (Dark Legacy Novel) grabs the reader and doesn’t let go until the final page.

Offering up a rich variety of interesting characters and settings, primarily in the Seattle area and on one of the San Juan Islands, the author gives us the Coppersmiths, like Sam and his parents, along with Abby Radwell, who has been blackmailed into searching for a mysterious lab notebook. One that holds valuable formulas, but must be unlocked via psychic energy. Then there are a number of nefarious characters, like Lander Knox, not to mention annoying ones like Orinda Strickland, Abby’s step-grandmother. Another interesting subplot involved Abby’s father Brandon, his third wife Diana, her stepbrother Dawson, and Brandon’s focus on his “perfect family” image that led to Abby being placed in a school for troubled teens when she was younger.

And why are all of these people seeking the notebook? What can it bring to any of their lives? And how does a seemingly disturbed young man named Grady Hastings set everything in motion? And who has hypnotically controlled him?

I was intrigued by the puzzling elements, but the romantic aspects added a lighter note to the story. There was an obvious connection between Sam Coppersmith and Abby that shows promise for the future. And let’s not forget the contributions of Abby’s dog Newton. A delightful romantic suspense novel with a twist, I recommend it to all fans of the author. 4.5 stars.



Deep in the woods near a small town in Maine, a killer is on a rampage.  After being thwarted a few months ago when he attempted a Celtic human sacrifice, he is bent on trying again.  His sights are now set on a beautiful innkeeper, Mandy Brown.

Danny Sullivan arrives in town to follow up, as his sister Jayne was the intended victim the last time.  He arrives in time to save Mandy from Nathan Hall, the killer.   When Nathan disappears and is not seen or heard from for several months, some believe he has died.  After all, he is ill and suffering from a terminal brain disease.

Danny doesn’t believe that Nathan is dead, and tries to elicit help from Mandy, who might know more than she is saying.  Yet despite the intense connection that seems to be developing between Mandy and Danny, and even though she wants Nathan caught, why is she unable to cooperate?  What secrets are preventing her from assisting in the hunt?

As people in the small town are disappearing one by one, Danny and others are sure that Nathan is still out there, and is responsible for it all.  What will it take to find him and stop him?  And what does he plan to do with those he is capturing?

Just as in the first book, Midnight Exposure, the characters of Midnight Sacrifice drew me in and kept me turning pages, enjoying their journey to finding a killer, even as the romantic connections grew.  The settings were lovely, and I could feel as though I were walking among the characters.  A lovely romantic suspense that I couldn’t put down.  Five stars.




Twenty-five years ago, a mysterious “watcher” kills a man named Harry and disposes of his body.

Now, in the present day and in the same township, a woman has returned to Pennsylvania to rebuild the family horse farm. With her own baggage, secrets, fears, and vulnerabilities, Rachel Parker is determined to start over and carve out a place for herself.

But almost immediately, vandalism and graffiti and frightening messages threaten her world, while nearby, her sister Sarah’s husband has turned abusive and she reaches out for Rachel’s help.

A Watcher keeps a close eye on Rachel even as his threats escalate.

Police Chief Mike O’Connell is determined to protect Rachel, Sarah, and everyone else in the community, but he soon realizes that the intense connection that is developing between him and Rachel could risk his position and his own vulnerable heart.

Who is so afraid of what Rachel might have seen twenty-five years before? What person close to her, who knows every one of her secret fears could be moving in for the kill? How will Mike protect her when a vicious town councilman does everything in his power to thwart him? What is the councilman hiding, and how far will he go to keep control?

As She Can Tell picks up the pace, moving quickly toward its exciting conclusion, we become invested in the characters, rooting for the capture of the stalker, while savoring the moments between each of them. I enjoyed the dialogue, which had moments of humor while showing us the three-dimensional personalities of Rachel and Mike. They felt like people I wanted to know and believe in.

I liked that I couldn’t quite figure out which of the possible characters was The Watcher. While I had it narrowed down, I was still stunned at the reveal.

Another five star read from the talented Melinda Leigh. Recommended for those who like romantic suspense and enjoy the in-depth characterizations that are her signature style. I can’t wait for the next one!