When a young man is found gruesomely murdered in a London houseboat, it triggers questions about three women who knew him. Laura is the troubled one-night-stand last seen in the victim’s home. Carla is his grief-stricken aunt, already mourning the recent death of yet another family member. And Miriam is the nosy neighbor clearly keeping secrets from the police. Three women with separate connections to the victim. Three women who are—for different reasons—simmering with resentment. Who are, whether they know it or not, burning to right the wrongs done to them. When it comes to revenge, even good people might be capable of terrible deeds. How far might any one of them go to find peace? How long can secrets smolder before they explode into flame?


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As we meet each of the potential perpetrators in A Slow Fire Burning, we can imagine how one of them might have turned to violence. Simmering resentments can boil over.

Instead we find ourselves looking behind the facades of their lives, studying them from various perspectives, and we can almost empathize.

It will take a while, however, before we reach the appropriate conclusions.

In fact, by the end, there were a few convoluted twists and turns that steered me off course a bit. Definitely a five star read, however.