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How did the week fly by so quickly, with so little reading to show for it?  Probably because I was easily distracted by other things, like rearranging my space…again.  And movies and shows on Netflix, Hulu, and Prime.

In the end, I did read/review two books:  one fairly long (474 pages) and the other one pretty short at 240 pages.

I did a major overhaul of my closet, removing the jelly cupboard so more clothes can fit in the space…and changing up my entry way to accommodate the “recycled” furnishings.








The closet is not yet finished.  I ordered a curtain and a rod, coming on Tuesday.  Meanwhile, here is what it looked like this morning when I had coffee at the table, speculating on what to do next.

Now…let us take a closer look at my week…


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Empty physical mailbox!  I did download three e-books.

The Half Sister, by Sandie Jones

Always the Last To Know, by Kristan Higgins


A Million Little Lies, by Bette Lee Crosby



You Can’t Catch Me, by Catherine McKenzie


That was my week.  What did yours look like?  As I think about the meals I’ve enjoyed from the past, here is one from Early Pandemic times when they served something delicious:  Turkey, stuffing, and pie.




Enter the interior of my newly rearranged office space.  Above, catch a glimpse of the new work station in my Nook, where a bookshelf and filing cabinet once lived.  And to the right, the sofa bed now hugs the entry wall, allowing it to stretch out the length of the room.  Why didn’t I think of this sooner?  Before my house guests arrived?  LOL

Here is another look…coziness:



The Nook Work Station again, with a bookshelf to the left.  That bookshelf was once across the room:



Here’s a view of the rest of the room, from the doorway:




Yesterday was a day of rushing from one place to another, beginning with taking Fiona to the Amtrak Station so she could go to the coast for a couple of weeks to visit friends.

She is the wonderful assistant who helped with my furniture rearranging. 

Later, I had a dental appointment….grueling!  Crown prep, as a molar broke.  Pain.  Now I must eat soft foods for a couple of weeks until the crown arrives, which means having to think before I choose my meals.  Or I could just chew on the other side…LOL.

Reading The Lake House...still.  Distracted a lot with all the activities, etc., but loving how the author, Kate Morton, takes us back in time and then forward, fleshing out the characters until we care about them and what has happened to them.





I love this summary:  A lush, atmospheric tale of intertwined destinies, this latest novel from a masterful storyteller is an enthralling, thoroughly satisfying read.


What does your interior world look like?  What captures your interest and imagination on this Tuesday?



a cup of joe on a Sunday

Good morning!  I might be entering the final phase of my journey of purging and rearranging.  Or not.

A final piece of the recent plan took me back into the bedroom, where I had removed one shelf, rearranged another with the leftovers from the now empty hallway shelves….and then:  voila!  I wanted to add a final touch.

The bedroom bookcase that remained untouched had a little shelf with DVDs next to it, below:





This week, I moved that little step-stool shelf next to another shelf, below, and it works better, as it is next to the TV/DVD player:





And here is the now rearranged space next to the bookshelf.  Next I will probably want to clear out those baskets of magazines on the floor…LOL.





Once you start purging, rearranging, etc., there is really no end in sight.  Do you find this to be true in your life?


Meanwhile, I had a nice relaxing weekend, with dinner at Red Lobster with my daughter and grandson.


red lobster

How was your weekend?




a cup of joe on a Sunday

Welcome to another view of my Interior World, the one that has lately involved various kinds of purging and rearranging.

You have watched me haul out boxes of books, and even empty bookshelves.  But today I took a stab at lightening up some of the knick-knacks on my favorite bookshelf in my living room.  Here are two views of the shelf…BEFORE.  Notice an arrangement of some of my Disney figurines….there is little room between them.




Here is another view of the full-length bookshelf with books and figurines:


entry way in feb-touched up




Now take a look at AFTER….I took away a few of the gorgeous creatures.  Not to worry, they are in a closet, and maybe they can be swapped out for the ones currently on the shelves…at some point.  (Below), note a close-up of a couple of the shelves, minus a few of my favorite things.





And here is another view:





A start, right?  I wonder when I will be satisfied?  I suspect that once I started this whole thing, I had unleashed a purging fury.

What do you think?


Meanwhile, I am reading a rather frightening story about a family living in an isolated home in the shadowy woods…and what happens when two escaped convicts invade their home.

As Night Falls, by Jenny Milchman…





Sandy Tremont has always tried to give her family everything. But, as the sky darkens over the Adirondacks and a heavy snowfall looms, an escaped murderer with the power to take it all away draws close.

In her isolated home in the shadowy woods, Sandy prepares dinner after a fight with her daughter, Ivy. Upstairs, the fifteen-year-old—smart, brave, and with every reason to be angry tonight—keeps her distance from her mother. Sandy’s husband, Ben, a wilderness guide, arrives late to find a home simmering with unease.

Nearby, two desperate men on the run make their way through the fading light, bloodstained and determined to leave no loose ends or witnesses. After almost twenty years as prison cellmates, they have become a deadly team: Harlan the muscle, Nick the mind and will. As they approach a secluded house and look through its windows to see a cozy domestic scene, Nick knows that here he will find what he’s looking for . . . before he disappears forever.

Opening the door to the Tremont home, Nick brings not only a legacy of terror but a secret that threatens to drag Sandy with him into the darkness.


A scary story helps keep me from obsessing about my interiors…LOL.  For a while, anyway. 

Do you find that books distract you from what is going on in the real world?