May 24 - more doll purges


Good morning!  Last year, I did a number of book purges.  You may recall that I once had two overstuffed bookshelves in this corner….along with three shelves in other parts of the room.  And then, even after the books went off to the donation bins, I still had a few dolls. (Below), note that several dolls cover the top of the shelf.  In the photo above, I have removed (and rearranged) a few.



bedroom bookshelf -f eb-BEFORE


In this photo, (below), note that dolls crouch along the top of the shelf—out of sight, there is another large doll that matches the one on the right end—Plus, there are a few little kitschy items….



bedroom in feb-BEFORE


Now the shelf has moved to a new location by the bed (to make room for my new Netflix viewing table), and some dolls have gone missing….but my favorites remain, the “hippie dolls,” along with the little old lady atop the teacup, which once lived in my office….



May 24 - after some doll purges


Clearing and purging and rearranging are ongoing activities…and they show how much my interiors are a work-in-progress.

Earlier in the week, I cleaned up the patio so I could enjoy some fun in the coolness of the morning…Here is today’s Coffee Morning with a Book....two versions:



may 27 patio reading with coffee


And a close-up:



cropped coffee morning - may 27


Just to bring a little of the exterior world in today, here’s my great-niece America, plugged in to one of her devices.  She will be eight on September 11.  Yes, born on 9/11/08.



America - Plugged in


Last weekend, my youngest grandson Noah, age 13, enjoyed some time in the mountains (China Peak) with his mom and her fiance:





So…from my interiors to the outside world, have a wonderful holiday weekend!  I plan to binge-watch Season II of Bloodline...and start reading the book pictured above, I Almost Forgot About You, by Terry McMillan.







What does your interior world look like today?  Your exterior world?  Whatever you do, enjoy!  And be safe.  This post is linked to West Metro Mommy Reads, for Saturday Snapshots.



bedroom on dec 15

December is the month when we all get ready for the holidays, and plan our upcoming reading, especially what we hope to accomplish before the year ends.

Last night, I was reading a print book, trying to conserve the battery on Pippa, as I had a malfunctioning charger.  My new one will come today.

In a last ditch effort to charge it so I could finish What She Knew (click for my review), I plugged it into the computer…and it worked.

But I prefer the wall charger…so I won’t be reading on Pippa until it arrives.

Meanwhile, I was feeling cozy in my bedroom…and decided to snap the photo above…my bedroom bookshelf look after numerous purges.  There are lots of books on that shelf, but I’m okay with it…there is only one other shelf in the bedroom.  Once there were FIVE.  Here is the other one, below, on which I have moved a couple of dolls (on the left) from a nightstand.


dec bedroom another view


So…what to do with the rest of December?  Well, there are several books I’d like to finish before the year ends.  And then I am getting ready for Sheila’s First Book of 2016 Post.

My chosen book arrived in the mail the other day…but it’s a SECRET.  More later….

Right now I’m reading House of Wonder, by Sarah Healy, a book that has been on my TBR stacks for a while.  An actual print book, to carry me over until I get my new charger.  But it is a page turner, so I’m good.  It has mental health issues, family dysfunction…and hoarding!




Then what?  Well, the charger is supposed to come in the mail today…but if it doesn’t, there are several books on my stacks that I can read.  Never fear!


What are you hoping to accomplish before Year’s End?  What books, plans, changes will you make?




(Above) – These are the stacks of books I took to the library for donation today.   They are the result of some bookshelf clearing I have been doing recently, and (below) are some of the bedroom shelves I cleared this week.  In a previous post, you can see some thinning out in the living room:






And (below), note some cleared shelves in the office:





The Office Nook has given up some books for donations, too:



another office shelf - sept 29


As you can see, there are still a lot of books, between the shelves on this page and in previous posts…but this latest giveaway was substantial.  Do you find that when you start purging, there seems to be no end in sight?  Do you keep going, or do you stop for a while?





With my son’s help, I cleared out the top shelves of this bookcase….but today, I went further, and see (below), here is the evidence of even more clearing.  Note the second, third, and bottom shelves, almost “empty” of books, with the figurines shuffled around a bit:




The total number of books cleared out today:  FIFTY-SIX!

Can you believe it?  I was ruthless, not clinging to what I might otherwise have hung onto.  Why?  I asked myself if I would ever read them again, and the answer was “no.”  So off they went to the bookcase in the garage.  Soon they will go to the library donation bins.

So that was my purging for the day.


I haven’t read much today, mostly watching movies from my DVR.  It is almost cleared out, too.  I am getting ready for all the shows that will be on the DVR with the new season offerings, especially the ones for next Sunday!

Madame Secretary, The Good Wife, The Leftovers, and The Affair, to name a few.

I am still reading The Good Neighbor, by Amy Sue Nathan.





Single mom, school counselor, and blogger….and why is she lying on her blog?

Of course there will probably be a dramatic reveal, and she will be shunned by the blogging world.  Just guessing!

Has anyone read it?


Off to read some more.  Have a great new week!





Good morning, readers!  I have been writing about my interior world changes for a while, now, and I’m sure you have gathered that it is all a “work in progress.”

Today brought a few more changes.  In the photo (above), you can see a couple of shelves that are minus a few books.

Here is where they ended up…one of the shelves I emptied a few weeks ago is in the garage, and I put it to use as a stop-over place for the donations.  Later I will take them to the library…once I have more books.




The bins I have been filling with some of my collectibles are starting to stack up nicely on my garage shelves.









Since today is Sunday, I am getting ready to settle in and binge on Netflix.  I am on Season III of Breaking Bad.  Last weekend, I finished all 13 episodes of Grace and Frankie, which I loved and wrote about in Weekend Potpourri: More Tidbits About My Obsessions.

I also started reading The Lake Season, by Hannah McKinnon, and I know I will curl up with that one later today. (Will be released June 2.  I got this copy from NetGalley)






So it looks like a great weekend for me…what about you?  Are you planning events?  Getaways?



a cup of joe on a Sunday

Good morning!  I might be entering the final phase of my journey of purging and rearranging.  Or not.

A final piece of the recent plan took me back into the bedroom, where I had removed one shelf, rearranged another with the leftovers from the now empty hallway shelves….and then:  voila!  I wanted to add a final touch.

The bedroom bookcase that remained untouched had a little shelf with DVDs next to it, below:





This week, I moved that little step-stool shelf next to another shelf, below, and it works better, as it is next to the TV/DVD player:





And here is the now rearranged space next to the bookshelf.  Next I will probably want to clear out those baskets of magazines on the floor…LOL.





Once you start purging, rearranging, etc., there is really no end in sight.  Do you find this to be true in your life?


Meanwhile, I had a nice relaxing weekend, with dinner at Red Lobster with my daughter and grandson.


red lobster

How was your weekend?




a cup of joe on a Sunday

Welcome to another view of my Interior World, the one that has lately involved various kinds of purging and rearranging.

You have watched me haul out boxes of books, and even empty bookshelves.  But today I took a stab at lightening up some of the knick-knacks on my favorite bookshelf in my living room.  Here are two views of the shelf…BEFORE.  Notice an arrangement of some of my Disney figurines….there is little room between them.




Here is another view of the full-length bookshelf with books and figurines:


entry way in feb-touched up




Now take a look at AFTER….I took away a few of the gorgeous creatures.  Not to worry, they are in a closet, and maybe they can be swapped out for the ones currently on the shelves…at some point.  (Below), note a close-up of a couple of the shelves, minus a few of my favorite things.





And here is another view:





A start, right?  I wonder when I will be satisfied?  I suspect that once I started this whole thing, I had unleashed a purging fury.

What do you think?


Meanwhile, I am reading a rather frightening story about a family living in an isolated home in the shadowy woods…and what happens when two escaped convicts invade their home.

As Night Falls, by Jenny Milchman…





Sandy Tremont has always tried to give her family everything. But, as the sky darkens over the Adirondacks and a heavy snowfall looms, an escaped murderer with the power to take it all away draws close.

In her isolated home in the shadowy woods, Sandy prepares dinner after a fight with her daughter, Ivy. Upstairs, the fifteen-year-old—smart, brave, and with every reason to be angry tonight—keeps her distance from her mother. Sandy’s husband, Ben, a wilderness guide, arrives late to find a home simmering with unease.

Nearby, two desperate men on the run make their way through the fading light, bloodstained and determined to leave no loose ends or witnesses. After almost twenty years as prison cellmates, they have become a deadly team: Harlan the muscle, Nick the mind and will. As they approach a secluded house and look through its windows to see a cozy domestic scene, Nick knows that here he will find what he’s looking for . . . before he disappears forever.

Opening the door to the Tremont home, Nick brings not only a legacy of terror but a secret that threatens to drag Sandy with him into the darkness.


A scary story helps keep me from obsessing about my interiors…LOL.  For a while, anyway. 

Do you find that books distract you from what is going on in the real world?





Good morning!  It is Friday already, but I feel as though I have missed the week.

Probably because, for the most part, I have.  Felled by some kind of food poisoning, or at the least, a severe food reaction, I have been sicker this week than I have been for a very long time.

My daughter had the exact same symptoms, so we’re thinking it was that cheesecake we had on Sunday.  This very unique “purge” began on Monday.  LOL

This was definitely not the kind of purge I like to celebrate!  But as I was sidelined on the couch, not blogging and only occasionally reading, I had a chance to study my interiors…the ones that surround me, not my “gut.”

And I saw that the way I display some of my collections was tiring me out, just looking at them, with the dust seemingly accumulating around them.  And their presence made it harder to dust, too, since there were so many little items.

Cute items, admittedly, but on the first day that I felt somewhat better (yesterday), I packed up some of those little angels that formerly lived on the table you see above….and off they went to a see-through bin in the garage.

I am now reveling in how good the top of that table looks with fewer items on it…and Heather, this does not mean you were right, and I was wrong!  (A little mother-daughter disagreement).  But I have CHOSEN to declutter just a little bit more.

Some of you probably know where this will lead….there will be more scrutiny from me, as I study every room in my house, wondering what to attack next.  Could it be this sofa table?  I have to admit to feeling a little angst as I study this one…I am so fond of the geese…and the little tidbits here and there….but let’s be reasonable.



So let’s take a look at the same sofa table (below), with fewer things on it…..Wow, it didn’t even hurt to remove those odds and ends. 






Now I know that I’m done for today, and as for more of this kind of purging… Like Scarlett, I’ll think about it tomorrow….


Do you ever take another look at your interiors when you are flat on your back, sick, and not able to move around much?  Do you see things differently?


I am going to share this post for Saturday Snapshot, too, hosted by Metro Mommy Reads.  Check in to see what others are sharing.



a cup of joe on a Sunday

Welcome to my Interior World, a journey into my interiors…as well as a place where I share my thoughts.

Today my muscles are sore and a little achy….but that’s understandable, since yesterday—and into the night—I was on a mission.

I was tired of looking at the bookshelves in my hallway and finding them an obstacle course when I wanted to traverse the space.

What to do?  Well, purging was the first thing that came to mind…and while the books in the hallway were newer ones, I knew that one of my shelves in my bedroom had older ones.  In fact, most of those books were from the 60s. 

First I took all the books off the bedroom shelf…and lugged them to the garage.  I filled trash bags with them…and I admit that I over-filled them, hence the aching back.

But, voila!  Here are the empty shelves!


Next….moving the books from the hallway shelves onto this one, while tossing the books to donate into trash bags…again.

Hooray!  It took the better part of the day, since it is warming up here, and I had to take numerous breaks.  Here is the finished bedroom shelf.

refurbished bookshelf after purge

And here is the now empty hallway…except for the movie shelves on the left.  They are thin and don’t impede my progress through the hallway.


I need to stomp and squish the carpet for a while, as the obviously darker area was beneath the shelves for years!  My daughter has a trick with a credit card…and I worked it for a while.

Should I show you my garage?  Empty shelves stacked against the wall…and two large trash bags and two boxes filled with books to donate.  No…that would just make us all feel depressed.

I am still trying to figure out how I am getting everything into my car for the trip to the library.  I am visualizing mini-trips to the car…and at the library, they bring a cart to the car to be loaded.

Yes, that will work.

Here are those hallway shelves…before.  When I first started purging.



What do your interiors tell us about you?




Good morning, and welcome to the last day of 2014!

Isn’t this the day when we gather our thoughts, study our numbers, and evaluate what we have accomplished?  Or it could simply be a day when we grab another cup of coffee and smile with gratitude that another year is just ahead.  A blank slate, if you will.

Tomorrow I will be featuring my First Book of 2015, in Sheila’s event, here.




I participated last year, and I have already sent in my photo…the one that Sheila will put into a collage of all of us reading our First Book.

I am tempted to talk about it now…that’s how impatient I get.  But no, that will be later.  Maybe late tonight.

Meanwhile, I have been studying some numbers over at Curl up and Read, where I document my reading by listing books, titles, links…and numbers.  I launched that blog in 2009, when I had 166 unread books on my stacks.  While I haven’t yet cleared out all of my stacks—I keep adding to them!—I did deal with the older books that were sitting there, in one way or another.

Yes, I did some purging this past year, from books to collections, and it was a grueling process.  But I felt a sense of accomplishment afterwards, and my goal—or resolution, if you will—is to make it an ongoing process and avoid the huge piles that have to be sorted in a frenzy.  Here are some recent book donations, below:





However, before I get off track, I was updating Curl up and Read, getting ready for the New Year, which involved adding pages and deleting others.  And I noticed my Book Purchases for 2014.  That stack needs work! 

Luckily most of those books are on Sparky, but that means, sometimes, out of sight, out of mind.

I purchased 151 books in 2014!  And, like I said, many are e-books.  But wait for it….I have only read and reviewed 56 of them so far!

There was a trend throughout the year.  I started out moderately, but by November and December, I was downloading and buying like crazy:  18 purchased in November and 11 in December.  May was the other high month with 16 purchases.  Do I suffer from Compulsive Book Buying Disorder?



compulsive book buying


Okay, I can get this under control.  I am not signing up for any challenges to help me with this, as during the past year, I worked to get 32 or so books off my shelves (from previous years), but kept adding to my shelves.

I just love adding books!  I see them on blogs, I find them on Amazon, and CLICK!  It’s all over.

I do try to get freebies now and then, but I have less than 20 books acquired that way, and they are not reflected in my Book Purchases numbers.

I could stay off of Amazon…no, that won’t work.  LOL

Any suggestions?  What works for you?  Are you able to postpone gratification and wait for the books to come to the library?  That seems the sensible thing to do.

I would love to hear your thoughts.  And, by the way, have a WONDERFUL NEW YEAR!