Good morning!  It’s the day after Thanksgiving here, and I’m still stuffed from yesterday.  But I still love looking at food…especially breakfast, so feast your eyes on my niece Amy’s recent weekend and some savory moments. At the table:  Amy, America, and Gavin.

And for the close-up, my favorite: (Note the Spiderman mug in the background – that belongs to Gavin, I’m sure).




Moving on to other recent meals, check out my Pre-Thanksgiving sensible lunch, with books:




Lest you think that I was completely sensible in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving, take another moment to ponder this lunch of pea soup, with a strawberry margarita.




Then…last week, I had to sample some turkey and stuffing from Marie Callender’s…just in case I wouldn’t get my fill on the actual day.



I don’t have any photos from yesterday’s feast.  I was a guest at the home of my daughter’s new in-laws, and since nobody else had their phones at the table…I stifled the urge to whip out mine.


Over in Berlin, where my son seemed to be having some kind of moment, check this out:





What is your Post-Thanksgiving weekend like?  I plan to binge on Gilmore Girls…and meet up with more family on Saturday, at Yard House.  I will have photos of that event later.

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