Side View

Side View



As I contemplate my interior world, the books that languish unread atop my bookcase (above – 18 total!) and my coffee table trunk (below) are a constant reminder of things to do.  The coffee table books include review books on the right (five)…and on the left are “up next” reads (six)…after the review books.  Of course, the “up next” books could change if the mood strikes, and I could go directly to the collection atop the bookcase, where some very tempting titles reside.



Review books on the right

Review books on the right


In an effort to organize my interiors more fully, I actually purged my stacks of books, sweeping away those tomes that I had not received for review; and books that, for whatever reason, I would never read.  I do have to be realistic!

Just as I organized those e-books a while ago, I knew it was time to attack the physical ones.  Yes, alas, attack.  Why was I holding onto books that had no chance of being read?  So off they went to the box in the garage.  They will find new homes when the next library collection drive hits this neighborhood.

All of this is a reminder that, in my obsession to acquire books, I need to think.  Pause.  Contemplate and weigh what I truly love in a book against the urge to simply have a book others have loved. 

Do you struggle with your impulse buying of books?  Does your desire to have a lovely looking tome mean that you will someday have to purge it from your shelves and admit that you made a wrong choice…for you?

Sometimes I simply add those books that are “not for me” to another shelf, my book nook, where I offer them up in the occasional giveaway.  Those stacks also include books I have read and reviewed.  But those books do not fly out fast enough.  They end up looking like this:



To be fair, only the top two rows of books on this shelf (on the left) are the giveaways.  Below are my regular shelves of books I have read, and on the right side are my autographed books.  Not as dire as it might seem at first glance.




So now I’m off to read some more of those books…sitting in the space (above), while the last cool breeze of morning filters through the open patio door.

I’m reading this book that has already engaged me:  The Stories We Tell, by Patti Callahan Henry.




How is your Hump Day unfolding?  Great books?  Plans?  And how do you organize your bookish world?







Christmas in 2010 brought the lovely Sparky (shown above) into my life.  Not only does this wonderful little e-reader make it easier to read while traveling, even if the travels are just to the neighborhood coffee shop, what is most amazing to me is how quickly I can add books to my shelves.





My virtual shelves are not as visible, therefore resulting in some languishing of wonderful books that are “out of sight, out of mind.”

Since the rules for my Mt. TBR Challenge also allow us to add books from our e-readers when creating our lists, I thought I should try to organize them all a little better.

What to do?  Well, I have “collections” for my books read on Sparky, so why not collections listing purchase dates?  Wouldn’t that make it easier to keep track?  I think it would.  So my project today was to first itemize e-books purchased by dates, and then compile them in the appropriate collection.

Not as difficult as I thought it would be.  Because I list all books purchased by date on Curl up and Read, I went there first for my notations.  Then I created the collections for 2012 and 2013…luckily, those specifically purchased during those years were not as numerous as I had expected.

Done and done!

Now I can happily check out those collections first when deciding what to read next!


Do you have a system for organizing your TBR shelves for e-books?  What works for you?








Welcome to Booking Through Thursday, another bookish journey that allows us to explore various topics and ponder questions.

Today’s Thoughts to Ponder:

How do you organize/store your books? Do you go through them often? Or
do you pretty much just shelve them and then leave them alone until
you need them?


A topic I think about, worry over, and spend endless hours considering.

I have always kept the “read” books separate from the “unread,” which presented something of a dilemma for me at one point, when my TBRs reached around 166.  That’s when I started my Curl up and Read blog, dedicated to the journey through those stacks.

When I moved into this condo, which is much smaller than my previous home, I knew I had to do something!  As I unpacked the “unread” boxes (yes, they were packed and labeled in this manner), this is what the result looked like.

Over the past three years, the stacks have gradually dwindled and I bought a bookshelf for the remaining unreads.

Yes, I made a button out of it…..

But now I have depleted those stacks until they are just a few that I can stack on my desk, like this:

Small “Old TBR” stack on the right

Note that I said Old TBR stack…well, here are the newer ones.  Not as bad as the old ones were, but something to keep track of….

I once had spreadsheets to help me manage these stacks, but I do best when they’re “in my face,” so to speak.

Oh, and by the way, the “read” books are stored on several shelves throughout the house, like these:

Floor to ceiling shelf behind the kids


What about you?  What works in your bookish world?