17687740In the small town of Cooperstown, Pennsylvania, a stalker waits. Studying online activity and plotting his course of action.

Nearby, a single mother named Brooke Davenport finishes up the self-defense class she teaches in the community center, and just as she is leaving, she hears screams from a wooded area close to the center.  Her quick action saves the life of young Maddie, but unleashes a season of danger for Brooke and young women all around.

Brooke’s loss of her roommate to a brutal murder sixteen years before launched her quest to protect women. But her efforts to heal psychologically are at a standstill.

Luke Holloway, a computer expert, is also trying to heal from his own emotional wounds. A terrorist bombing overseas killed his young assistant and he feels responsible.

Wade, Brooke’s brother, asks Luke to watch over her and the kids when he leaves for Afghanistan. But protecting Brooke willl turn into something much more for both of them.

Will the connection between them further halt their recoveries? How will Brooke’s passion for protecting others lead her into more danger? Who is the stalker and how can the two of them find him before he kills someone?

She Can Scream is a thrilling page-turner that explores the characters that are at risk, while also offering a glimpse into the stalker’s mind. From what we learn as we follow his actions, we know that he has killed before and loves the process of hunting and killing. We also learn a bit about his psyche and troubled childhood.

But who is he? There are so many unpleasant characters that could be suspects, that it took awhile to figure it out. The red herrings kept me off-kilter, but the reveal was very satisfying.

Another five star read from Melinda Leigh.