Welcome to another Friday.  What a week it has been, with lots of waiting and anxiety…and finally the good news that I got the new apartment!  I will move in next Thursday, Friday, the 23rd.  And now begins the clearing out and packing up.  My least favorite parts, but my granddaughter Fiona is stepping up to help.



It has been fourteen years since I last packed up a home to move, and that one involved movers and some help with the major packing.  I am literally out of practice.

My move here, two years ago, was handled by my daughter and her friends…and while I complained about how she forgot things that I wanted, I realize that it is all more complicated when you’re in the middle of it.

I am making lists, including some important items like getting Internet and TV service at the new place.  I think I will have to get on that quickly, as being without those two things would be a disaster…lol.

I was Skyping with my eldest son the other day, and he gave me a tip about how he moves, which has been often over the years.  He uses backpacks for the things he will need right away.  Or, he said to me, you could use some of those purses (as viewed above), and a side view below.

I have also discovered that suitcases might be helpful for stashing items that I want to be able to find quickly afterwards.

It is obvious that I am overthinking a few things…or maybe not.


Do you have tips for quick moves? What works for you?

Enjoy your weekend!